Meet Edo Culture Through Sumida Hokusai Museum, TOKYO SKYTREE, and Sumida Park!

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Meet Edo Culture Through Sumida Hokusai Museum, TOKYO SKYTREE, and Sumida Park!

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The Sumida area of Tokyo is famed as a region that has contributed greatly to Edo culture and includes one the most famous sightseeing spots Asakusa as well as Tokyo’s new landmark tower TOKYO SKYTREE, one of the must-visit attractions of Japan’s capitol.

However, how about looking at the Sumida area’s attractions with a new light? As the birthplace of Edo culture, one of the most exciting eras through the history of Japan, you will able to see how it continues to influence modern day Japan as well.

Sumida Hokusai Museum

Sumida Hokusai Museum is a new museum opened in November of 2016, dedicated to the ukiyo-e superstar Katsushika Hokusai from the Edo period. Hokusai was born and spent most of his life in Sumida.


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The museum consists of a combination of permanent and temporary exhibitions. High-quality replicas of Hokusai’s artworks are displayed and detailed information about his works and life is available on multilingual panels and videos.


© すみだ北斎美術館

Permanent exhibitions display Hokusai’s work with various unique perspectives, which allow visitors to enjoy his woodblock prints works understand deeply. Feel the atmosphere of Edo culture through his art!


© すみだ北斎美術館

Sumida Hokusai Museum website :


TOKYO SKYTREE, opened in May of 2012, is one of the most popular attractions in Tokyo and the view from the deck is spectacular, featuring a 360°view of Tokyo.


Although TOKYO SKYTREE is a modern miracle of engineering, you can feel a deep sense of  Edo culture, in places like the Edo Kiriko glass cut design at the ticket counter and “Edo Hitomezu Byobu” (the bird’s-eye view drawing from Edo period) at the deck, the tower’s purple lighting called “Edo purple” which represents the delicate aesthetics of that time, and so on.


At the foot of the TOKYO SKYTREE, you’ll find “Tokyo Solamachi”, a shopping mall with more than 300 shops and restaurants. You can enjoy gourmet sushi at “Edo Tokyo Sushitsune” and traditional rakugo storytelling performance while eating at “Edo Miraku-chaya Solamachi-tei”. TOKYO Solamachi offers a variety of exciting things to see, eat, and do when it comes to Edo culture!


TOKYO Solamachi website :

Sumida Park

Sumida Park is located along the Sumida River, which flourished as the downtown area of the Edo Period. The park stretches for a few hundred meters along both sides of Sumida River with a view of the TOKYO SKYTREE. It has been a famous place for hanami (viewing sakura) since the Edo period, and it is said there are more than 600 sakura trees are there.


Even if it’s not sakura season, the view from the park is lovely. During the summer months, fireflies used to gather near the river or you can take a photo with TOKYO SKYTREE in the background. You’ll sure to have a pleasant time here!


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