Shrines and Power Spots: Places in Tokyo to Seal Your Eternal Love

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Shrines and Power Spots: Places in Tokyo to Seal Your Eternal Love

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The Japanese word enmusubi roughly translates to bringing together fates. Shrines often specialize in different strengths, such as good luck in finding good jobs, safe delivery, and there are also those that specialize in enmusubi. Each shrine often offers different protection good luck charms that you can keep around you to keep your luck safe. Besides these shrines are several spots that couples go to strengthen their relationship as well. Here are places where you can seal your eternal love in Tokyo, plus some extra from a couple other places in Japan.

Tokyo Daijingu (東京大神宮)

Tokyo Daijingu is one of the most famous Shinto shrines known for enmusubi. The shrine is located mid-city, nearest to Iidabashi station, and is considered one of the five major shrines within Tokyo. Originally during the Edo period (1603-1867), those who could make the pilgrimage would visit the Grand Shrine in Ise. Receiving approval from the Meiji emperor, Tokyo Daijingu was built in Tokyo so that those who couldn’t make the pilgrimage could worship deities of Ise Shrine in Tokyo. Today, however, many of the visitors at this shrine are youth looking for enmusubi.

You can also buy omikuji, or fortune slips, here, that will tell you your love fortune. There are different levels of fortune, ranging from good to bad, and if you get a bad one, you can tie them around a rope to pray for better luck.

. . おみくじの結果は中吉だったんですね〜💭 . まあまあだ😐 . . #東京大神宮

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(Girl holding an omikuji, fortune slips)

(Wood blocks on which you write your wishes)

Meiji Jingu, Meotokusu (明治神宮、夫婦楠)

Also considered one of the five major shrines in Tokyo, is Meiji Jingu or Meiji Shrine. Located also within the city, Meiji Shrine is accessible from Sangubashi Station, Yoyogi Station, Kitasando Station and Harajuku Station. The shrine is located in a forest that takes over 700,000m2 within the city. The shrine and forest are must-sees, but for enmusubi, you have to visit the Meotokusu. Literally translating to husband and wife tree, Meotokusu are two trees growing within Meiji Shrine that are bound by a shimenawa, or a sacred rope used in Shinto shrines.

Nitta Jinja, “Love Shrine” (新田神社、LOVE神社)

Nitta jinja is a smaller shrine dedicated to the samurai warrior Nitta Yoshioki. Nitta jinja is located near Musashi-Nitta station and specializes in overall good luck. There is an art piece within the shrine as well that you can take a picture with for enmusubi look. Designed by graphic designer Asaba Katsumi, the “Love Shrine”, has the letters LOVE carved into stone, as well as a red torii, or a Shinto gate.

楽しかった〜〜。揚げピザまた食べたい🍕🍕 #Repost @nijiiro_jean (@get_repost) ・・・ 今日のニッポン開運福めぐりは、タレントの都丸紗也華さんと訪れた東京・大田区にある「新田神社」の放送でした👏⛩✨ こちらの神社には石で作られた珍しい卓球台もあり、無料でラケットを借りて遊ぶことができるんです❣️ガレッジセールと都丸さんも真剣勝負🏓してました🎶 #にじいろジーン #ニッポン開運福めぐり #ガレッジセール #都丸紗也華 #新田神社 #恋愛成就 #若返り #健康長寿 #所願成就 #LOVE神社 #恋愛運UP #理想の彼 #出会えるかな? #若返り #美若守 #いつまでも若くいられますように #お願い「きつね」 #良き出会いがありますように! #若返りの御神木 #御神木のお守り #石の卓球台 #マルチャーナ #揚げピザ #ビスマルク #御朱印 #⛩

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Heart Train Straps

Although not a shrine, there is another place that that grants good luck for enmusubi. This place however is actually inside a train. In Tokyo, the Seibu Kokubunji Line has one car out of all their trains with a heart with a strap to hang onto. These heart hanging straps exist all around Japan however, a bright red heart strap on the Keikyu Express Line, the Izu-Hakone Railway, etc. Try testing out your luck finding the heart strap!

Here are also a couple more for those that are willing to venture outside of Tokyo!

Koibito no Oka, or “Lover’s Hill” (恋人の丘)

Just a bit outside of Tokyo is an island called Enoshima Island. Besides Enoshima Shrine on the island, there is also an enmusubi bell at the top of a hill. If you ring the bell, it is said that you’ll be able to find your soulmate, and if you go as a couple, you can ring the bell to strengthen your relationship. In front of the bell is also a gate in which couples write their names and put locks to seal their eternal love.

Wilson Roots (ウィルソン株)

Quite a distance from the previous spots, is this magical spot on Yakushima island in Kagoshima prefecture.  Within the nature of the island, there is a tree that was cut down with the roots and the stump remaining. If you go inside the stump of the tree and look above, the light shining inside reveals the heart shape of the open side of the stump.

Do you want to try and visiting any of these shrines or power spots for enmusubi in Japan? Even if you can’t visit the specific spots or shrines, don’t worry! Shinto shrines exist all over Japan and almost all of the shrines will have luck charms for enmusubi that you can carry around to keep good luck around you.

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