Shinoraa Is Back! Tomoe Shinohara’s Costume Exhibition Will Be Held For 2-days Only!

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Shinoraa Is Back! Tomoe Shinohara’s Costume Exhibition Will Be Held For 2-days Only!


Tomoe Shinohara, actress, singer, TV personality, and successful costume designer, will be exhibiting over 100 of her past costumes, which she has designed and wore during her career at “Shinohara Tomoe & Shinoraa Exhibition” in THE ROOM DAIKANYAMA on July 19 (Sat) and 20 (Sun), 2015.

Shinohara Tomoe & Shinoraa Ten Flyer

Shinohara Tomoe & Shinoraa Ten Flyer

The exhibition and workshop will be held within these two days, and the workshop will be taught by Tomoe-chan herself. You will be able to get in touch with her unique fashion taste as well as learning how to make it with her!

What’s “Shinoraa”?
Shinoraa,” was an another fashion sensation for young teenage girls in the late 90s, who Tomoe Shinohara was their charismatic figure. Tomoe Shinohara’s style consists of handmade, flashy colored clothes, bangs cut short with two buns, and thick eye-brows and putting on colorful stickers as part of the make-up. And with her natural, vibrant character, she became icon for young girls, especially for fashion-conscious teens in Harajuku area.

Tomoe Shinohara (in the late 90s)

Tomoe Shinohara (in the late 90s)

Tomoe Shinohara (in the late 90s)

Tomoe Shinohara (in the late 90s)

Her fashion was more inclined to be cute and childlike, as opposed to mature, and sexy type fashion, or “Amuraa (girls who dressed up as Namie Amuro)” who were based in Shibuya. “Shinoraa” were the Aomoji-type fashion (subcultural and street fashion clique) centered around in Harajuku from the mid-90s and also considered to be one of the pioneers of “kawaii” culture in Japan that even Kyary Pamyu Pamyu officially say that she was inspired from “Shinoraa” and respects her.


Right now, Tomoe Shinohara returned in front of the camera with the same costume she used to wear and even with bigger smile!

Amazing to see Tomoe-chan still so kawaii as she used to be (maybe even more!) Harajuku kawaii styles lives on, and it’s because of the efforts of our pioneers. It’s going to be a must-see “kawaii” exhibit!

Shinohara Tomoe & Shinoraa Exhibition Official Site:
Tomoe Shinohara Official Website:
Tomoe Shinohara Official Twitter:
Tomoe Shinohara Official Instagram:

Application Period For Lottery: June 5 (Fri) 18:00 to June 15 (Mon) until 18:00
Lottery Winner Notification: June 17, 2015 (Tue) 18:00
Term for Payment: June 17, 2015 (Wed) 18:00 to June 22, 2015 (Mon) 23:59
※4 tickets per person
※Preschoolers can not be entered
※For elementary school children to participate in workshop, parent or guardian is needed.

Ticket Prices:
Entrance Ticket: 2,000yen
Handmade Workshop (Lecturer: Tomoe Shinohara) Ticket (with Entrance Ticket): 4,000yen
Talk Show Event (Special Guest Appearance) Ticket (with Entrance Ticket): 4,500yen
Talk Show Event & Handmade Workshop Ticket & Entrance Ticket: 6,000yen

※Talk Show Event’s special guest will soon to be announced

Address: Za House Building 3F ~ 5F 1-34-17 Ebisu-nishi Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-5459-9571
FAX: 03-5459-9572

Open Time
Exhibition Hall (3F): 10:00~18:00(Entrace closes: 17:00)
Workshop (4F): 13:00~14:00
Talk Show Event (3F): 19:30~20:30(Open: 19:00)
※There will be changes with starting and ending time at immediate notice. We appreciate your understanding.
※More information coming up!

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