“Dreaming of a Hot Romance♡”: Japanese Girls Are Embracing Sexiness (Sensitive)

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“Dreaming of a Hot Romance♡”: Japanese Girls Are Embracing Sexiness (Sensitive)

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The latest fashion trends are always created by many fashion magazines. Although many people don’t read magazines as much s they used to any more, it still has a big effect on our lives, especially when it comes to fashion and trends. Among many of the woman fashion magazines, relatively among the ones for women around the ages of 10~30, the word sexy or anything related to becoming sexy has shown up very often in pages a lot more than they did a few years ago.


When we heard the word sexy, we tended to think of girls who liked to well, play around with boys very often. Although we never said it out loud, this was our typical image. We also would think that the chances that a girl who wants to be sexy and is Gyaru was very high. So, Gyaru were associated a bit with being bitches.(not saying that they are all bitches


These are the covers of a Gyaru magazine. As we have the image that “girls wearing clothing with small amount of cloth” = “bitches or Gyaru”. Having a boyfriend or having sex or anything of that sort is a taboo for models and celebrities, but yet, the models in Gyaru magazines had a sense of “you don’t need us to tell you”. And we didn’t think this was wrong either.

Times Have Changed….

In the recent trends, things have changed a lot!! And the starter of this “becoming sexy” boom among regular girls started from the magazine “ar”.

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Putting words like “Recipe for Sexy Lady” and “Dreaming of Hot Romance” on the cover of the magazine was something totally new and it did take some time to start become popular. (The two on the bottom are “A Body You Would Want to Eat” and “Pheromone BIBLE that Makes You Feel Good”)

The “Sexy” and fashionable look they created has become successful and many girls imitate this makeup.

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However this all started as only a type of subculture, so not many girls copied this. Then, what made this so popular?

Paruru and mery

…To Apply

The first time the sexy Ofero makeup got attention was when Paruru went on Music Station (Live music television show).


On the show, during the MC corner, they also talked about how she had been posting pictures on her instagram with “Hangover makeup”.


Along with Paruru, a net curation site called mery also helped out create this trend.

mery ( very popular mainly among girls in their 10~20s. They use the cutest graphics with information stuffed with what girls want to know. It basically covers everything a girl would want to know, and as this media was becoming popular, it started to have a similar roll of a magazine, and created trends.

Charismatic makeup artists who started this Ofero and Hangover makeup were also introduced on mery and this also seems to have helped out the trend.

Where are we at now?

Last month I found this.


Ranzuki is a popular magazine for girls in their teens that are Gyaru. The Words Ofero and Sexy and hangover makeup only showed up on magazines for girls in their 20s, but finally it came to teen magazines.

The words say, “Imitating The Slightly Sexy Outfits that Models are Doing”.

There are even idols that say theirselves that they are cute and sexy, and still are popular among girls as well.

What has happened? Well, the image of sexy being a totally bad image is no longer existing. Sexy doesn’t mean something dirty. It can be like this too. Being fashionably sexy.


Being “sexy” is something positive, many girls are very desperate to become slightly sexy (the best balance!)

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