Eternal Kawaii: Japanese School Girls’ Seifuku Remains Relatively Unchanged Since the 1930s!

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Eternal Kawaii: Japanese School Girls’ Seifuku Remains Relatively Unchanged Since the 1930s!

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A picture, showing Japanese school girls in seifuku from 1932, has been creating a buzz on Japanese social media in 2016.

What do you think of this picture? You may have doubts it’s really from 1932, no?! A lot of Japanese people were shocked by how much things have not changed at all, even more than 80 years later! As schoolgirls do today, the two girls in the picture are wearing pleated skirts, sailor blouses, jackets, and loafers, althought the skirt’s lengths are a bit longer than those worn by schoolgirls today.


Today seifuku is one of things representative of Japanese youth fashion. Historically schools started adopting the seifuku system around 1872, however at that time seifuku meant “Hakama” (a long pleated skirt worn over a kimono) and it was still common until the 1940’s.

The picture is from a video showing the lifestyle changes in Japan from 1916 to 1940. It is interesting to see how life in Japan was so different back then as well!

What will schoolgirls’ seifuku look like in another 80 years?  Will the length of skirts continue to get shorter?! Probably not. Let’s look forward to the bright future of seifuku culture (even if it may not change at all)!

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