How & Why Japanese School Girls Have Short Skirts?

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How & Why Japanese School Girls Have Short Skirts?

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Most of Japanese schools have their own “seifuku” (school uniforms), and especially girls’ uniforms have evolved to have a variety of unique styles. One of the outstanding features of a school girls’ uniform is the shortness of their skirts.


The culture of wearing short skirts began when Gyaru culture was trending in the 90’s influenced by  legendary Japanese pop star Namie Amuro with her super short skirt, thin eyebrows, and bleached hair. School girls adopted it to their school uniforms and started to make their skirts shorter.

Gyaru love short skirts!

Gyaru love short skirts!

How to make it? It’s easy. Basically there’s three ways.

1. Cut it off!
2. Fold over the waistband
3. Using “skirt belt”


Skirt belt

However, cutting off the hem of their skirts is risky, as there are “skirt length check” weeks or events held randomly at school. If you are caught having a skirt shorter than allowed, you’ll be punished. Therefore, folding over the waistband and using a “skirt belt” is more common. Here is a video introducing how to use a skirt belt. It’s super easy! Fold the waistband over inwards to keep the pleats beautiful, and pull up the belt with the skirt until it’s short enough for you. Ta-da! That’s all! Yay!

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Here you might wonder why they make it THAT short.

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