Who’s Got the Most Posts and Pictures and Likes? “Riaju” Girls (Joshi) as a New Species!

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Who’s Got the Most Posts and Pictures and Likes? “Riaju” Girls (Joshi) as a New Species!

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In Japan, as some of you may know, we have the internet forum called 2ch. They usually spend their day online chatting with others who do the same. Of course there are people who aren’t like that. They spend their weekends with friends doing fun and cool activities and posting them on Facebook. As the people of 2ch have named it, they are called “Riaju“. Riaju is a shortened word meaning people who have a substantial reality life. It was first only used in 2ch but it soon became a natural word for young people to use.

As I introduced Joshi the other day, Joshi tend to be a Riaju wannabe. (Previous article: ) Here are some things that Riaju Joshi or Riaju wannabe Joshi do.


What they usually tend to do

As I mentioned in the Joshi article, they are mostly obsessed with filling up their planner, showing how busy and active they are having a substantial life.



They like to have several cliques or groups of the same people and naming it. When naming it, they use inside jokes or the name of the occasion that the group gathered. For example, if they have an inside joke of a jackhammer, they would probably name the group “Jack men”(men as a japanese shortened word meaning members).

They love to gather information about anything from a foreign country. Especially the popular restaurants that come to Omotesando for a limited time. The most popular ones are MAX BRENNER and EGGS N’THINGS. Following whatever is from outside the country is considered to be the most Riaju.


Whoever doesn’t like Starbucks isn’t Riaju. Ridge always know what the next limited time frappecino is and they always go to drink it as soon as it comes out. As soon as they go, they post it on an SNS and show how sensitive they are with what it buzzing. They become repeaters and always sign over how its only limited time and how much they’re going to miss it, the new limited time comes out, and then repeat.



They’ve even come to the internet society

Online was the place for the “internet residents”. But as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram became popular, Joshi started to use these social network services to show how Riaju they are. Having many friends and likes is a status for showing how Riaju you are.

On Twitter, they tend to tweet inside jokes or suggestive messages along with a friends name. For example, instead of just messaging the friend personally, they would tweet “Thanks Mary”. They also tend to tweet suggestive messages in general like, “Sinking Blue”, to show their poetic talent and how they have a mysterious part in them even though they seem to be very open. They also relentlessly tweet “I love Mary” or whoever the friend is. They tend to have more than one “Bestie in the whole world” and make collages and videos for the friend and post them on Twitter.


On Facebook, they like to post very very very long posts about what they feel about the world. This apparently has the “See?I’m smart and highly knowledgeable” effect. They also post a ton of pictures from the Riaju events they went to (often selfies that have been processed through apps).


On Instagram, they like to show their artsy side. They usually have a digital single-lens reflex camera and take pictures of mostly the sky, cats, and late art. They like to post these “artsy looking pictures” on instagram with a ton of hashtags in English(because it’s still cool to use English in Japan).



And of course they are the ones that stand out most in events

Riaju just LOVE events.

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