Flash Analysis! Gain a Deep Understanding on the Japanese Panty Culture!
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I think many men dream of sneaking a peek at the eden hidden underneath a girls skirt. We call the moment that by coincidence, you see a bit of a girls panty, “panchira”. Many idols wear short skirts as costumes and uniforms for their performances. But, there is a tacit understanding that the underwear you see is “ok” to see, “ok” to be visible. Don’t you feel that this is strange?


Panchira as a “Standard Happening”

From a long time ago, panchira has been something considered as “the usual”. Many classic anime and manga have many scenes of panchira. It usually happens either when the wind blows, or the girl sits down. Here are scenes from the classic, “Doraemon”. Shizuka-chan is always doing panchira.

panchira-dream-girls-04 panchira-dream-girls-05 panchira-dream-girls-03

Panchira is also considered as a guys dream. It may happen in manga, but it rarely actually occurs in reality. “Ichigo 100%” was a manga about a guy dreaming to see a girls strawberry panties.

panchira-dream-girls-13 panchira-dream-girls-14

It’s not just in creations for men, but also girls! Here is a scene from “Sailormoon”.

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