Lonely Christmas Girls? Here Virtual Boy Friends Only For You! Warm Up the Cold Season Playing Otome Game!

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Lonely Christmas Girls? Here Virtual Boy Friends Only For You! Warm Up the Cold Season Playing Otome Game!

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Wondering what to do you for this year’s Christmas and the New Year’s Holiday? Let us open the door of the wonderful and romantic world of Otome Game!! Otome Game (as known as “Otoge”) is a love simulation game for girls to catch the two dimension specified boy character’s heart as a girl character, which can change into your name. There are many types of boys to fit your favorite type!! Of course, if you are done with one boy’s route, you can try out the other characters since its a game, which is a game that you can endlessly play!! Not just by characteristics or looking, but voice is an important point for the fans to check out too. The games are now available in many terminals, like computer, PSP, and even smartphones! Most of the reverse harem anime are often from otoge. It is definitely a worthy world to know for girls and can learn a good lesson for the boys about love.

There are hundreds of otome games produced by many companies. Popular game works become anime or many media which many of you can notice if you are an anime otaku. We will introduce the representative work and notable works to check out from selected four companies.

1. Broccoli
Uta no Prince Sama Series

You cannot talk otoge without mentioning Uta no Prince Sama Series (Utapri)!! Utapri has a long history since 2009 with a staff blog which mentioned the start of the Utapri Project. Its first game “Uta no Prince Sama♪” was released on 2010, and continues to release total of seven sequel games. Utapri even has rhythm games and puzzle app which creates male fans too. Also, the popularity of the game made available of the creation of the animation series, which will still continue with the creation of the 4th series!
There are total of eleven characters in the latest work that the player can choose. The setting is set at Saotome Gakuin, an entertainment vocational school. The heroine is a girl (default and anime setting name: Haruka Nanami) who has to create a song for the selected male partner to pass the “Freshman Audition” together. Heroine dreams to become a composer, not an idol. Utapri fans are devoted in the secret relationship as a partner with one’s favorite idol.

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Video is about the latest game called “Uta no Prince Sama♪ All Star After Secret” that mainly focuses on the upper grade students. We strongly recommend to start from Utapri Series if you are beginning to take interest playing an otoge.

2. HoneyBee
Starry☆Sky Series

Starry☆Sky is famous for its beautiful graphic and illustration by many fans of otoge. From the project title, the story strongly brings relationship with the stars. Each characters have different constellation to represent the characteristic of the constellation. For example, Hayato Aozora is Virgo, which is known as a methodical person who wants to follow the orders. Hayato is a vice president who supports the student president. Starry☆Sky has 13 characters to select. The heroine is a transfer student and is the only girl in the new high school, Hoshizuki Gakuen. It is a school that strongly learns about stars, and many school events with one’s favorite boy awaits the heroine.

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The last update is two years ago but still is a good game to play. The game is separated by four seasons, so try to check out which character is your favorite before trying the game!!

3. Otomate
Hakuoki Series

Some fans might be surprised knowing Hakuoki is originally otoge. Hakuoki, like Utapri, has been animated several times and attained popularity among both male and female fans. It also has a favorable reputation from outside Japan.

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