The Uncanny Natural-ness of “Natural Makeup” By Japanese Young Females: How “Natural” Can They Be?

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The Uncanny Natural-ness of “Natural Makeup” By Japanese Young Females: How “Natural” Can They Be?

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At Tokyo Girls’ Update, we have covered many of the trendy make-up for Japanese young females, and questioned “why do these girls make so much effort to look ‘natural’ with makeup?”

Here are the past articles:

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Apparently, this is not only the phenomena happening in Japan, but more a global trend to look natural and “barefaced.” There are more girls to put effort in to look as if they are NOT wearing make-up, not only to fool themselves, also to fool others too. Then, what does “natural” really mean? Did the term itself lose it’s actual meaning by artificially creating it “naturally”? From my opinion, I would like to better to fool others by letting them and yourself know that you are wearing an actual makeup. Cat-like eyeline and ruby red lips are, not really preferable to many men, and wants more females to be more “natural” looking.

natural-latest-makeup-2016-01 natural-latest-makeup-2016-02

But the women’s counter-argument is to this is that, “if we are barefaced IN REAL, then men will dismiss us as being ‘ugly,’ and that is why we do have make-up on to look “natural.” I can truly understand both sides of the argument, that we shouldn’t be embarrassed for the way we truly look have self-confidence, but also, there are some sort of beauty standards expected by others and from oneself as well that women wants to achieve to gain some confidence out from someone. That is in the case there are so many selfies posted on social medias so people can gain confidence from other’s acceptance that “you look pretty in that picture.”

In Japan, there young females have invented new tools and processes that alters the way you look “naturally.” These tools not only allows people to look naturally beautiful, but actually makes to transform to look pretty. Let’s review what’s there.

Like an operation? Eye-puchi, Hana-puchi, and “Artificial” Tear Bags

Eye-puchi, is not a must-have for many of the young females in Japan. There are many Eye-puchi products sold cheaply at 100 yen store as well, so it is affordable for the young teenagers as well. One of the main reasons why that Eye-puchi has become a must-have for females is may be because of how Japanese people have single eyelid, and that is the complex that many have.


As many of the models, actresses, and TV personalities have double eye-lids with big, round eyes that are charming, many men desires females with double eye-lid as girlfriend potential. And eye-puchi has made that come true for young females who want to overcome the complex. This has become the basic change for looking “naturally” different, which opened options and opportunities to enjoy makeup.

Not as popular or known as eye-puchi, but hana-puchi for nose is also new makeup tool to make your nose slimmer. (Check out the past article about hana-puchi:


As the past article describes, it’s a small trick to look “naturally” slimmer nose. This also transforms you from the basic structure of your appearance, and which makes it easier for the young girls to re-create their “natural” appearance.

…Read how “natural-ness” for make-up is going on and check the latest trend "Ubu" make-up...what is that?!

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