Japanese Typical “Pure” Dating Steps! Following Love Rituals for True Love!

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Japanese Typical “Pure” Dating Steps! Following Love Rituals for True Love!

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We Japanese are said to be very shy. This goes the same for love as well. But, when you look around the city, there are many couples walking around and flirting. Summer is coming, so get yourself ready for falling in love!

Here in Japan, many couples tend to go through the same kinds of steps until they go out. Especially Japanese girls tend to think that these are important.

1. The Encounter


They beginning of their love starts from their encounter. Of course, everybody has their types, so you never know who they will fall in love with. As manners in Japan, If you meet them for the first time, make sure you call them by their first or last name with “san” or other suffixes on them. If you don’t you’ll leave a bad impression.

2. Asking for their contact information


You can ask for their contact information when you meet them for the first time. Those who are university students are younger tend to exchange their LINE IDs (LINE is a chat app that many people  use) so we usually don’t know each other’s phone numbers and so on.

3. Kokuhaku


…How is the step toward kiss! Kiss! 😘

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