Girls Against the Wall: KAWAII POP FES by @JAM x J-GIRL POP WAVE vol. 4 in Taiwan 2015 Live Report

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Girls Against the Wall: KAWAII POP FES by @JAM x J-GIRL POP WAVE vol. 4 in Taiwan 2015 Live Report

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January 25, 2015 (Sunday)

Tokyo Performance Doll started off the second day of KAWAII POP FES and despite being a group with plans to expand their activities internationally, this was their first time in Taiwan. Just as with their performances in Japan, TPD gave an energetic non-stop performance, the music transitioning seamlessly between songs, giving it the feel of “Dance Summit” packed into 1 hour. While there were those used to Tokyo Performance Doll’s performance style due to their frenetic pace and seemingly limitless stamina, those who had never seen them before may have initially been at a loss when it came to how to enjoy the show (because there were no breaks) but, by the time they hit the encore, the entire venue had become wrapped up in the excitement. Given their dramatic rise since the group was re-launched in 2013, Tokyo Performance Doll is a definite group to keep your eye on.

Tokyo Performance Doll Set List
03 Diamond wa Kizukanai
04 Juudai ni Tsumi wa nai
06 Shadow Dancer
07 Senya Ichiya
08 Shijou Saidai no Yuuwaku
09 Viva! Que Sera Sera
12 Kiss wa Shonen wo Rouhi Suru
13 Yume wo
14 Tokyo Hacker’s Night Groove

The second performer of the second day was Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku (EbiChu), a group that can be called the centerpiece of this event. As this was their first overseas performance, there were television crews that had come from Japan to document this momentous occasion. From the first song, the energy in the venue was at 100% and did not let up for the entire 1 hour that EbiChu was on stage, their set list packed full of fan favorites. During the breaks between songs, they talked casually about what they did during winter vacation. Even without an encore, EbiChu managed to show off the diversity of styles in their catalog, ending their set with “Karikeiyaku Cinderella” sung entirely in Taiwanese!

Shiritsu Ebisu Chigaku Set List
01 ebiture
02 Uretai Emotion
03 The Tissue~Tomaranai Seishun~
04 Butterfly Effect
05 Houkago Getabako Rock ‘n’ Roll MX
06 Ume
07 Tsukatte Portfolio
08 Encore no Koi
09 Lon de Don
10 Agero! Ebi Fry
11 Karikeiyaku Cinderella (Taiwanese language version)

Third performer of the second day was UPUPGIRLS (KARI) and like Dorothy Little Happy, this was their 4th time at KAWAII POP FES and as expected they delivered an unforgettable performance. Before discussing what happened on stage, I would like to mention how they also did things like “Dancing to Chopper ☆Chopper in front of Taipei Station” and “Dancing to Itadaki wo Mezase! at Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall”.

UPUPGIRLS (KARI) is the kind of group to bring the atmosphere of a festival even offstage and even when they were right in the middle of the group picture with all the other performers, they positioned themselves to be connected to all of the other groups. They are definitely one of the groups that could be considered to be a pillar of the Japanese idol festival scene.

02 ENJOY!! ENJO(Y)!!
03 Beautiful Dreamer
04 Zenryoku! Pump Up!!
05 Jumper!
06 Itadaki wo Mezase!
07 UPUP Typhoon
08 Chopper Chopper
09 Uppercut!
10 Party! Party!

PASSPO☆, the travel and sky-themed girls rock unit with lots of international experience, were the final group of the weekend. With the graduation of Makoto Okunaka on January 1, 2015, they were still in the process of rearranging the dance formations and reassigning vocal duties for the 8-member lineup, there was no feeling of disorder during their performance. As always, Shiori Mori, who is known for drinking lots of water throughout a performance, was seen drinking from a 6L bottle of mineral water onstage. Also, during “STEP & GO” the female interpreter came on stage, and as usual it was a free-flowing performance that the fans enjoyed.

PASSPO☆ Set List
01 Baby Jump ~ Tengoku he no Toujou-bin~
02 Sakura Komachi
03 Love Diary
06 Pretty Lie
07 Kucya LOVE
08 Wish on a Star
09 Candy Room
10 Cosmic You
11 STEP & GO
12 Himawari
13 Material Girl
14 Hikou Shojo

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Photo by Yasuhiro Okada

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