Japanese School Girls Show Off More Legs With Shorter Socks?

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Japanese School Girls Show Off More Legs With Shorter Socks?

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When you think about Japanese school girls’ uniform, tops and skirts will be considered as priority. So far we have explained the variety of the tops and skirts, and the reasons why Japanese school girls have short skirts. However, there is another feature that school girls are paying attention. It’s “Socks”.


The history of Japanese school girls’ socks has been changing constantly, and there’s always some trend. Can you guess what kind of socks are in fashion among school girls now?

Let me look back the history of school girls’ socks briefly.

In the 90’s, when Gyaru culture was trending, “loose socks” was huge trend and wearing them was considered as status of “cool” school girls.


The trend went on until in the beginning of 2000’s, and after that “Kon-so”, navy socks became more popular in correspondence to Gyaru culture’s decline. School girls shifted their socks from loose socks to navy knee-length socks because they believed that that dark colored socks would make their legs thinner.


After navy knee length socks became standard thing, some girls started to wear a little bit shorter socks which reveal the bottom part of knee little bit. Unfortunately, we could not come up with the reason for it.


And recently, the things have changed more. School girls are wearing quarter and ankle socks, revealing their legs more.


…Hear school girls' real opinions!

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