You Didn’t Know That? OMG! 5 Japanese Internet Slang Terms for Noobs! www

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You Didn’t Know That? OMG! 5 Japanese Internet Slang Terms for Noobs! www

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When you are checking Japanese social media accounts or online bulletin board/forums, you must have encountered some weird slang that was never taught in a Japanese class.

Here we introduce 5 most often used Internet slang in Japan. Check them out and enjoy chatting with friends or figuring out what netizens are buzzing about!

 1. www

If you are following Japanese people online, you probably have seen “www” at least once. Any idea what it means? It’s not “world wide web”! It stands for “laugh” or “LOL” in English!

In Japanese, “laugh” is “warai”(わらい、笑), and the “w” stands for the initial of “warai”. More “w” means more laugher.

“w” = little laugh
“www” = big laugh, LOL
“wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww” = ROFL


You can use “w” by itself or put it at the end of sentences for emphasis, for example, “It’s so funny! www”. The screen cap is from the popular story “The result of me (Japanese guy) getting an American friend wwwww” posted on 2ch, Japanese popular online forum. All the story logs are available here (all in Japanese) :

The story is about the changing relationship between a Japanese guy Shu and an American guy Alex. No one knows if it’s a real or fake story but it is pretty interesting and dramatic, so worth a read!! wwwww

2. 88888

For people who often watch Japanese live video streams, I guess you must have seen this one before!

In Japanese, people pronounce “8” as “hachi” or “pachi” but in this case it reads “pachi”. If you pronounce “pachi pachi pachi pachi pachi….”, it sounds like some sound you must have heard before, no? “Pachi pachi pachi pachi…” represents the sound of an audience applauding! The number of “8” increases in proportion to how great it is.


The screen cap is from video streaming of veteran Japanese enka singer Sachiko Kobayashi, who is also known as collaborating with younger generations like appearing with Negicco in the MV for “Niigata★JIMAN!”. She is loved by younger people for having a deep understanding of Internet culture. It was from Kouhaku Utagassen, the annual event held in the end of the year, and Internet people praised her on great performance by commenting “88888”.

…Learn three more useful slang! (^ω^)wwww

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