Sorry Boys! Japanese Girls Prefer to Enjoy Cute Chocolate on Valentines Day with Girls

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Sorry Boys! Japanese Girls Prefer to Enjoy Cute Chocolate on Valentines Day with Girls


Boys are forbidden on Valentine’s Day? “GALENTINE” is in among girls now!

The culture of girls giving chocolate to boys on Valentine’s Day is well known in Japan, and the quality of chocolate is rising and options are also increasing each year. However, recently, this traditional day is becoming an event more for girls who enjoy making chocolate or looking through the cute selections in department stores.

The supply and demand on Valentine’s Day in Japan has not been keeping good balance in recent years. Although there is a large variety of sweet chocolate sold during Valentine season, boys who receive them do not really care about the appearance, taste, and brand as much as girls do!

Why are cute chocolates sold for men who don’t mind about its cuteness? Isn’t it better to buy chocolate for girls then? The feeling of “cute” can be shared better among girls! Girls are disappointed that boys do not appreciate how cute the chocolates are!

Isetan Galentine

To heal this complaint, Japanese department store ISETAN came up with a new concept of  “Galentine”, combining the word “GAL” (slang meaning girls) and “Valentine”. It focuses on the needs of girls who buy cute appearance chocolate for their girl friends or for a girls party.

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Isetan Galentine

The origin of Galentine comes from a scene from the American comedy television series “Parks and Recreation”, when the main character holds an all-girls lunch party the day before Valentine’s day for her best friend who got dumped by her boyfriend.



It’s once in three years for Valentine’s Day to be held on a week day. A lot of “giri-choco” (obligation chocolate) are expected for co-workers or male friends, but the desire for girls to share cute chocolate to their girl friends might set a trend to Galentines Day as well!

Isetan Galentine

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(Valentine’s Day sweets sold from February 8 to 14)



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