Japanese Girl Bangs Encyclopedia! What Do These Top 5 Bangs Tell You About Her?

Japanese Girl Bangs Encyclopedia! What Do These Top 5 Bangs Tell You About Her?

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Most girls in Japan have bangs. They are very important, and it really says a lot about who she is like we wrote in are previous article about how Japanese girls really care about their bangs.(Previous Article: And because it’s such a common thing to have bangs, we have stereotypes or images about what kind of girl she is from her bangs. So, here’s an “bangs encyclopedia” of Japanese girls with the top 5 popular bangs!

1.  Straight Bangs


Ah, yes these girls. Just give them a colorful lollypop and tell them ponies are cute. They tend to be the Meruhen(fairy tale fluffy) types of girls. They probably have a lot of stuffed animals at home on their bed, and their room has laces and pink all over. Many of these girls wear lolita dresses too. In recent trends, these girls could also be otaku. Since many animes have cute characters that have straight bangs, I don’t know why but many otaku girls who don’t really know much about fashion tend to choose to have straight bangs.

2.  7:3 Bangs


Girls who have these bangs are Mote/Otoko-uke (popular with the guys). You see this often with idols and many famous cute girls. Also, you see this a lot in joshi, especially university student joshi.(Previous Article: These bangs can be either 3:7 or 7:3, either way, they don’t change this balance. Also many girls use hair irons and curl their bangs to create this look. Girls with these bangs are usually the typical “girly girl”.

3.  See-through Bangs


These see-through bangs originally came from Korea. Since many Korean idols and models have become very popular in Japan, many of the Korean pop-culture popularities have become also popular in Japan. I don’t mean it as a bad thing, but since K-pop has become so popular, girls who like K-pop have a stereotypical image that they are lowbrows and love ikemen(good looking guys). They also love ulzzang(korean for cute girl) so much that not only do they imitate these bangs, but also fashion and everything that they can coordinate.

4. One-length Bangs (No Bangs)


Totally from the U.S. or where ever the Japanese people would think is West. Girls who have no bangs are the girls who have lived abroad. They tend to be very “americanized”, so they may look Japanese but they probably are much like foreigners. They don’t herd with other girls, they love going to parties and clubs until late at night. In some cases, there are girls who are totally obsessed with Western celebrities and want to literally become one of them. Those girls, are the ones who have never actually lived outside of Japan but completely act as if they knew everything about LA or New York or any of those “fancy” places (all the knowledge is usually from Gossip Girl, Glee, and Disney Channel).

5.  Bangs Above the Eyebrows


These are the girls that have very unique fashion. They probably buy their clothes at Urahara, Shimokitazawa, and Koenji, and they are mostly antique or used clothing. They also wear strange “where did you even get that from?” kinds of broaches. They also have a lot of friends of the same type and for some reason always bump into friends whenever they walk in Harajuku or Omotesando. Their instagram doesn’t say much, just a few words and a picture from a time they went to an exhibition on “cutting edge art”. They also probably are salon models, students of beauty schools or work at apparel.


Did you find the bangs of your favorite idol, actress or model? Do these kind of stereotypes exist in your country? Tell us if you have found any patterns in Japanese girls!

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