Japanese Craze for Matcha: Making Everything with Matcha!

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Japanese Craze for Matcha: Making Everything with Matcha!

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Japan is known for its Matcha (powdered green tea) culture, but did you know that there were even Matcha instant noodles? We’re all just so crazy about Macha that we make everything with it. Here I will introduce some of the weirdest Matcha products as well as the standard yet very delicious Matcha food items!

Matcha Fondue

First, the finest Matcha food you should definitely try when you come to Japan is Matcha fondue which is served at Saryo in Kagurazaka, Tokyo. The fondue is made of Uji Matcha and white chocolate, and you can dip strawberries, crackers and shiratama (mochi ball) into the sweet yet slightly bitter cream. Also, they offer desserts like Japanese snack parfaits and Matcha ice cream.

Matcha Gelato

The next one is Matcha gelato, but it’s different from other gelato because it’s said to have the densest Matcha flavor in the world! At Nanaya, they have from level 1 to 7 of Matcha density, and level 7 is the densest. It’s feels like you are eating the actual Matcha! Nanaya is originally located in Shizuoka, but now they have stores in Tokyo, too! There is one in Aoyama and another one which collaborated with Suzukien in Asakusa.

Instant Matcha Maker

Are you too lazy to go to stores and have Matcha? Here is your solution: HEALSIO Ocha Presso! by SHARP is an instant Matcha maker which has its mechanism based in Sado (Way of Tea). Because the taste is faithfully reproduced, you can enjoy Matcha at home anytime in just 5 minutes. Get this for your kichen!

Matcha Curry

Now let’s get into the crazy part of Matcha. How would you like to try Matcha curry produced by Itohkyuemon? The contrast between the bitterness of Matcha and the spiciness of curry is very good. This is a microwave meal, so you can take it home and enjoy it any time! Let your friends try this fusion cuisine!

Matcha Beer

Lastly, this is Matcha beer produced by Iyemon. They have a café in Kyoto called Iyemon Salon. You can get so many different Matcha products here including Matcha soda, Matcha soy sauce, Matcha mayonnaise and more! It may sound crazy but they are for real, and they taste good! If you have a chance to visit Kyoto, don’t miss it!

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