Japanese Bras Are Too High Tech! Don’t Get Tricked! Introducing To You the Wide Variety of Japanese Bras!
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Bras are one of the necessities for women in many countries. Compared to most countries in the world, Japanese women don’t have large boobs in average. But instead, we have created bras that are just too high tech. Let me introduce to you our magical bras of Japan.

There are usually 2 ways in creating the perfect boobs, those who have pads completely attached to them, and those which have pads which you put in. Here are the wide variety of bras.

Dream Bra


This is the Dream bra. Not only does it make your boobs bigger, the feeling of wearing it is just perfect!

japanese-bra-pedia-04 japanese-bra-pedia-03

As you can see from the pictures above, this bra has the least amount of stitching so it doesn’t itch when you wear it. It also has a laminated coming, so it feels very smooth on your skin. It’s comfortable like “dream”! Bigger boobs=tight uncomfortable bras is no longer true!

Work Bra


This is the Work bra. This is great for summer. I think many of you have experienced in summer that uncomfortable feeling of sweating and having stuffy air around your boobs because of your bra. japanese-bra-pedia-15 japanese-bra-pedia-08

As you can see from the pictures above, this bra has different sizes of pads according to your cup size. The smaller the cup, the thicker the pads, the larger the cup, the thinner the pads. The fabric itself around the pads are also very thin, and the bras breathes very well!

Ikunyu Bra

japanese-bra-pedia-32japanese-bra-pedia-34 japanese-bra-pedia-33 japanese-bra-pedia-35

This bra is for those who want to make your boobs bigger literally. It brings the left over meat on your back and arms intro the bra to make them boobs. Going 2 sizes up isn’t a dream…!?

No-Bra Bra

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