Everything About Japanese Girls’ Panty Customs and Culture!

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Everything About Japanese Girls’ Panty Customs and Culture!

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Since we saw that everybody loved panties (related article:, we will now give you the basic information, and the 411 on the latest panty info in Japan!

Panty Customs? Cultures? of Japan

In many cases, the standard type of panty is this one. They mostly come in pairs with a matching bra with a similar design.


Compared to many western panties at places like Victoria’s Secret, low rise types of panties aren’t really the standard type.

Why are these panties the standard?

In general, Japanese panties are rather thick compared to western panties. Not many people go to sleep naked in Japan, so maybe they like things to fit properly on them.

Also in most cases, the panty is sold in pair with a bra. Within the set, you can usually choose from around 3 types of panties; regular, T-back, and ribbon.



Haruna Kojima models for the most popular lingerie brand PEACH JOHN

However, not many people in Japan wear T-backs. Many girls in Japan don’t like the Wedgie feeling they get when they wear T-backs. They also usually have a bush so it doesn’t look very nice when they wear them(related  article:

…Learn more about panty culture in Japan!

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