For Those Who Like to Keep it Simple! Cheap Clean Hostels to Stay for Your Travel to Tokyo!

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For Those Who Like to Keep it Simple! Cheap Clean Hostels to Stay for Your Travel to Tokyo!

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When you come to Japan, some of you may not necessarily have the vacation feeling. Instead of staying at beautiful hotels, you may want to spend money on buying goods and tickets to events to enjoy the Japanese culture here.

Did you know there are very cheap hotels in Tokyo? You may have an image of cheap hotels being old and maybe a bit filthy. But, if you search closely, there are many clean and nice hotels where you can stay for around 3,000 yen per night. In the newest hotels, there are many places designed for especially woman to have a comfortable stay. Today we will introduce you places to stay who want to save money on accommodation expenses.


Hostel UNPLAN is a place where anybody can have the best stay. It is used by people who are coming to Japan for the first time, repeaters, and even Japanese who are traveling to Tokyo. Those who love to travel, or simply love japan, many kinds of people gather to this place and you will definitely give you a once in a lifetime experience.


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This hostel was originally an old high-class restaurant “Shimazaki” which has been standing in Akasaka since the end of WWII. It has been renewed as “KAISU Hostel” after 60 years of history, with a cafe, bar, and a place to stay.


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This hostel is in a great location! You can go to Roppongi, Asakusa, and Akihabara without changing trains which makes this place very popular for those who come for tourism. They have the latest facilities with a safe, clean, and stylish place to stay. You can choose from private rooms and capsule type of spaces.

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Khaosan is the biggest guesthouse and hostel chain in Japan. They have 6 places within Tokyo in different locations, so you can choose the best place to stay depending on where you plan to visit during your stay in Tokyo.

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Nui. is a hostel with also a bar lounge located 5 minutes walk from Kuramae station. The building itself used to be a warehouse a toy maker since the Edo period. They have many kinds of rooms available, with a kitchen and library to share.

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Retro Metro Back Packers


“Retro Metro Back Packers” is a cozy guest house in west Asakusa. They only have shared rooms, but they have a women’s dormitory with a toilet, so there’s nothing to worry about even if you’re alone! Since the owner is a also a woman, the interior is very stylish and you will definitely have a great stay.

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“BUNKA HOSTEL TOKYO” is a hostel 5 minutes walk from Asakusa station. they have a women’s dormitory, a unisex dormitory, and a private room. They have a izakaya inside the hostel, so you can drink with other travelers and make friends.


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IRORI Nihonbashi Hostel and Kitchen

「IRORI Nihonbashi Hostel and Kitchen」is a hostel with an Irori as you can tell from the name. An Irori is like a fireplace in the middle of the floor, used for cooking. There are rooms for men and woman together, and also dormitories for just women. They have curtains to keep your privacy. There is also a kitchen in the lounge so you can bring food and ingredients and cook with the people staying at the hostel.

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Since there are many people traveling to Japan recently, you may make friends from all over the world, sharing the same interests as you, which is maybe something you can only experience when you stay at a hostel. Enjoy your stay and I hope you have a great time in Tokyo!

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