Hiroshima MAPLE★S RRReveals 2 MVs From 1st Album “ENDEAVORRR”!

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Hiroshima MAPLE★S RRReveals 2 MVs From 1st Album “ENDEAVORRR”!

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Hiroshima MAPLE★S have released the MVs for “Isolator” and “ENDEAVORRR” from their upcoming 1st album “ENDEAVORRR” (release date: May 27).

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“Isolator” was the coupling song for Hiroshima MAPLE★S’ 5th single “RPM” that was released on December 24, 2014. Interspersed among the dimly lit warehouse dance scenes are shots of the members sneaking around looking for something that is never explicitly revealed. “Isolator” is a dance tune which almost sounds like it could be from the catalog from another group from Hiroshima which everyone who knows anything about J-pop should know. You know which one.

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“ENDEAVORRR” has the members of Hiroshima MAPLE★S facing off in a tennis tournament that has several elements borrowed from popular sports anime. If you’re into sports, don’t be so hung up on the minor inconsistencies and just enjoy it for what it’s worth. Yes the scoring is not correct and those are not proper push-ups but, maybe that’s how it’s done in Hiroshima? Longtime fans of the group may be noticing leader Sayaka Moriwaki more than before since she had her hair dip dyed lavender and blue.

ENDEAVORRR will be released in a Type-A CD & DVD version and a Type-B Cd-only version. The DVD for Type-A has the MVs for “ENDEAVORRR” and “Isolator”. In addition to most of their songs from their 2nd to 5th singles, there are 3 new songs which include “Tokimeki! Tomadoi? Nightmare♪”, “ENDEAVORRR”, and “Dekoboko Michi 〜Kitto Wasurenai〜”.

Track List
01 4112 (SE)
02 Isolater
05 Koi no Sensation
06 Boom! Boom! Miracle Emotion
08 RPM
09 Tokimeki! Tomadoi? Nightmare♪
10 Otome-tachi no Ambitious
11 Never Ever
12 Ultra Navy
13 Dekoboko Michi 〜Kitto Wasurenai〜

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