What Is the Cuteness of it? Be a True Japanese Princess with Legendary Hime-Cut!

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What Is the Cuteness of it?  Be a True Japanese Princess with Legendary Hime-Cut!

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As it continues to evolve “Idol Sengoku Jidai” which means the era of Idol war caused by the huge increase of the number of idols, many kinds of idol have appeared and also disappeared.

For example,speaking of hair style, Moga Mogami, who belongs to, has gold colored bob hair, which must be unimaginable in the former era. In the era, idols were almost forced to have their hair color black. It must be believed that the difference from others is the most important thing in this era. However, there actually exists the idols who has typical characteristics of idol which is hime-cut.


Mogami Moga (

The definition of Hime-Cut 
At first, we need to define what hime-cut is. To know the definition, we should focus on its origin. It can be thought that hime-cuts consists of two parts : amasogi and binsogi.

Amasogi is the hair style in the Heian period which is about from 794 to 1185 or 1192. It was similar to contemporary shoulder length hair.


Also, binsogi is a ceremony that when a women reaches 20, her hair around ear is cut. Hime-cut is the hair style that these hairstyle and tradition are arranged modernly. In addition, it is usual for hime-cut that hair color is black since the technique of dying hair did not exit in the Heian period.


Modern Style of Hime-Cut 
Modern style of hime-cut is composed of frontal fringe and straight cheek-length sidelocks. It also has “pattsun” which is straight or a slightly-curved front fringe which is cut just over eyes. Also, contemporary hime-cut likely has “hime-ge” which is side fringe around face.

img-hime-cut-08 img-hime-cut-10 img-hime-cut-05 img-hime-cut-07img-hime-cut-02

As you can see from pictures, there exist many kinds of hime-cut. In this era, “Idol Sengoku Jidai”, many unique and fascinating idols appear like Mogami Moga shown above. It might be natural that we can not take our eyes off their charm!

img-hime-cut-01img-hime-cut-09 img-hime-cut-06 img-hime-cut-03



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