Let’s All Shout Kawaii! 10 Things All Japanese Girls of All Genres Think Have Unwavering Cuteness!

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Let’s All Shout Kawaii! 10 Things All Japanese Girls of All Genres Think Have Unwavering Cuteness!

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There are many kinds of girls in Japan. Gyaru, Lolita, Joshi, and so on. There are even some girls trying to be hate “kawaii” things because those are not their taste. They may have different tastes and hobbies, but there are things that all girls of all genres wold with is cute! Maybe this would be perfect for a present to your favorite girls or your oshi idols!

1.Gelato Pique

Gelato Pique, AKA “Jelapike”, is just too cute! In Japan, we have a concept of room wear. They are not PJs, they are not regular clothing, just room wear. I don’t know the right timing to wear them, where I’m supposed to wear them, but they’re very cute. Gelato Pique is the most famous brand for these room wears. They are fluffy, incomprehensible by the means of necessity, yet very cute. I think you get the point. They are cute.


2. Samantha Thavasa

These fashionable bags, have become to have the image of bags that girls that wear gyaru clothing, and are “Otasaa No Hime(Princess In A Otaku Circle)”. Because of this, they have some what of an unfashionable image. So totally out. But hey, look closely, they’re pretty cute.



The famous brand LUSH, has become the standard “Joshi” body care item brand. But, the latest one level higher than LUSH is SABON. Its body scrubs uses salt from the Dead Sea( Sounds like something Japanese girls love! So European! Ooo! ). Yes, we all want to take care of our body, be pretty, and smell good.

4. Pancakes

Pancakes have become the representation of “Joshi” photogenic food. They love posting on SNS “I went on a date with ○○chan~♡ We ate pancakes♡” with selfies that you can barely see the actual pancakes. But if you put this aside, honestly, who doesn’t want to eat something that looks so amazingly deliciously good. Mmmmmmmmm!


5. Hawaii

…Learn more about the unwavering cuteness!

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