Japanese Girls Taking Pictures of Food ISN’T a Stereotype! It’s Totally True! Sneak Peek at Her Camera Roll!
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Its become very easy to take good quality pictures with your phone, and many people keep their memories as pictures inside their data folders. These pictures vary from ones from a vacation trip to maybe regular selfies. When I went to study abroad, many people asked me if it was true that Japanese girls take pictures of food. The answer’s “YES”.

Here are some screenshots of a Japanese university student girls’ camera rolls. Take a look at the red circles.girl-camera-roll-06

This is a screenshot from one girl. There is a picture of ramen from a place that is 30 seconds away from the university campus. I asked her why she took this picture. I mean, you can eat it anytime you want to. She said “What’s important is who I ate it with. Thats what I take the picture for, its like keeping a record of memories.”



This girl told me that she takes pictures of food whenever she goes somewhere fancy.


This girl told me she takes them whenever she goes on vacation. It’s something you can only eat at that place, and she wants to keep the fun memory within the picture.

Look at the blue circle at the bottom. This is another thing I want to point out. Many girls tend to take pictures of the other that is taking a picture of their food. This may sound peculiar but it’s very common among young girls in Japan.

Another common pattern is that they take them to upload it on SNS.

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