Take a Capsule Toy Adventure! 6 Popular Gachapon Series in Japan

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Take a Capsule Toy Adventure! 6 Popular Gachapon Series in Japan

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Gachapon(aka Gacha gacha). It is a capsule vending machine. You put the money in, turn the nob, and a random toy from the collection will come out in a capsule. It would seem that kids would like this, but its not just kids anymore. Many adults have become addicted to these fun capsules too. You can find these machines in game centers and by the elevators in department stores. Because you don’t know what will come out, it makes you want to complete the series, and when you notice it, your change might be gone. The moment when you turn the nob is always exciting no matter how old you get!

What kinds of Gachapons exist? Which ones are popular? I would like to introduce to you the famous and popular Gachapon series in this article!

1. Cup no Fuchiko (200 yen)


Its not on a strap, its not a magnet, its an angel that has come upon a cup. Fuchiko dressed as an OL(Office lady meaning a typical working girl in Japan), and you enjoy hanging her from different places. She sits, hangs, climbs on cups, and people started to hang her in different places and share the photos on their SNS which became the start of her popularity.

2. Sailor Moon Series(200~500 yen)



2016 is the 20th anniversary of the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, and their boom has come once again, even in Gachapon. The transformation pen, makeup compact, magical stick has been reproduced with all the details as a charm. You’ll be surprised with the quality, considering its only 200~500 yen! There are many series to the Sailor moon Gachapon and fans are running out of money.


3. Smartpants


Wait! Your smartphone is still naked!? Smartphones have the right to wear pants too. This Gachapon is a totally new one, where they have real pants that you can have your smartphone wear. There are many types, Speedos, strawberry, briefs and so on. There are a series that come with a home button sticker so you don’t have to worry when the pants come off!

4. Neko no Kaburimono



This Gachapon isn’t for humans, but for cats! As the name says it, inside the capsules are hats and things that cats can wear on their head, which are absolutely adorable. Compared to clothing, its cute and cheep at the same time. If you love your cat, definitely try it out.

5. Nature Techni Color Series (200 yen)



Mushrooms, wild vegetables, snow flakes, the moon, lizards and geckos. These series are miniature figures of the lively animals and plants of the Earth as a strap. It just looks too real. Show it off to your friends.

6. Fruits Zombies



Is it a fruit? Or is it a zombie? It may seem a bit grotesque but if you look closely, their open mouths make them look kind of cute. Get all of them and have their buddies next to each other. If you are a collector, go get these series.

In Tokyo, there is a place where you can try all Gachapon at the same time. They have over 400 Gachapon, in Akihabara, Akihabara Gachapon Kaikan. Because there are so many, you should be able to find your favorite too!


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