They aren’t “Rotten”, Even Shining! Exploring the Sparkling World of FUJOSHI

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They aren’t “Rotten”, Even Shining!  Exploring the Sparkling World of FUJOSHI

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There are many ways to soak you into anime world, specially on girls. There are people, of course, who enjoy the story, illustration, and music of the anime, but over all, girls who enjoy pseudo romance with the characters occupy the rate. Girls who see boys character as a pseudo romance often find themselves as either “yume-joshi” or “fu-joshi”. Yume means dream, and joshi is girls in Japanese, in which it refers to girls who dream one’s self and favorite character(s) in romantic situation. Fu(腐) is a word that means rotten, and fujoshi is a term who people imagine about boy characters, who are not written as homosexual relationship in the original story, in romantic relationship. The word, rotten is used to refer to the rotten mind that fujoshi, themselves refer as. This article focuses on fu-jyoshi who are spread all over Japan and becoming one of the culture of anime otaku.

The Rising of Fujoshi


10 COUNT by Rihito Takarai

Several reasons are thinkable why they have become fujoshi. Myself, as a beginner of fujoshi, believe that boys getting along is a feast for people’s eyes. It is very similar with idol fans appreciating the scenery of idols getting along with members or friends. Putting aside oneself and loving the boys’ relationship can be done without envy toward female characters might be the most peaceful way to love a character.

Also, there should be many people who turned the rotten switch on with the boys love (BL) illustration posted on pixiv, an illustration posting site, or Twitter. Fujoshi appeals their rich imagination by personifying boys love using non-person figure.

How to Satisfy

How do they satisfy their imagination? There are many ways to express the rotten idea in the real world.

1. Draw and Satisfy!!
Fujoshi most of the time draw their mousou (dreaming imagination) and share it on the internet to feel happiness with other comrades who favor the same coupling. Coupling is a term for pairing the characters as seme(攻め) and uke(受け). Seme is the offensive character and uke is the defensive character when having relationship. Each and every coupling has a name using two kanjis from both characters, seme and uke, and the seme’s kanji comes first and uke comes last. The character can be both offensive and defensive depending on one’s favorite genre.

2. Find Out your Favorite!!
Not all fujoshi are good at illustrating, so fujoshi who could not draw finds out their favorite coupling illustration on SNS and heal their heart.

3. Cosplay the Imagination!!
These days, people who cosplay increased its number and many fujoshi tries to appear the favorite couple in the real life and take a photo of it. The pose and the situation can be thought on your own which is a good way to self satisfy!!

Marketed BL and Coterie BL



…Learn more about marketed and coterie BL, and current trend among Fujoshi!

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I am an anime otaku who still believes in fairy tales:3 Came back from the states and now studies English as my major at university in Tokyo.

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