Bangs Are the Decisive Factor for Being Cute!? Japanese Girls Are Obsessed with Their Bangs

”かわいい”の決め手は前髪!? 日本の女の子は前髪が命
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Bangs Are the Decisive Factor for Being Cute!?  Japanese Girls Are Obsessed with Their Bangs

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In general, it can be said that Japanese girls love to have bangs and it’s mainstream. Here in Japan, most of the girls think that they look cuter and their eyes bigger with bangs, contrast to that you look matured without bangs. Speaking about girls’ bangs, there are various styles, for example straight bangs, short bangs above eyebrows, divided fringe in the middle, and so on. Furthermore, there is strict rule like if your separate bangs fringe in 7:3 or 8:2 it will be like idols. and it is now popular among Japanese girls. In this way, having bangs is Japanese girls standard nowadays.


Straight bangs


“idol” bangs (maybe 3:7?)


“idol” bangs (maybe 7:3?)


bangs above eyebrows

Among many bangs styes, heavy but able to see-through bangs is being watched recently. Fringe which able to see through forehead impressed neat and clean, and give good impression to men!! Satomi Ishihara, Tsubasa Masuwaka and Haruna Kojima (AKB48) are the talk of among people that they became cute with new bangs-style in Japan.
最近では重めだけど透け感もある、シースルーバングスが注目を集めている。おでこがチラッと透ける前髪は軽やかで清楚な印象与え、男ウケ抜群! 日本でも石原さとみや益若つばさ、AKB48の小嶋陽菜がシースルーバングスにイメチェンして可愛いと話題になっている。

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Tsubasa Masuwaka, source :

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Haruna Kojima, source :

Satomi Ishihara, source :

Satomi Ishihara, source :

Younger women tend to have bangs here in Japan, but even women in thirties have straight bangs that because it seems them younger. Even though you won’t change your heir length or color dynamically, only changing your bangs, then you can make difference with your impression, and that might be one of the reasons Japanese girls love bangs. Surprisingly, most of hair salons in Japan offer a service of cutting only bangs.

Speaking of bangs, Mayu Watanabe called Mayuyu (AKB48) has the legend that she takes 3 hours to set her fringe! After she finishes setting her bangs, she never allow touching to the fringe by any of member. She always takes care of the condition of her bangs that it became habit to touch fringe. Mayuyu’s bangs never messed up even how hard she danced! She is called “queen of bangs” from her fans and many girls trying to copy her bangs angle to balance of right and left.


Did you get Japanese girls’ obsession to their bangs? Why don’t you find your favorite bangs for makeover!
日本の女子の前髪へのこだわりを、少しはおわかり頂けたでしょうか? 気軽な前髪アレンジで、おしゃれを楽しんでみてはいかがでしょう! 

Translated by Chihiro

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