The French Lolita Revolution Remains Strong: Evolution and Reinvention

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The French Lolita Revolution Remains Strong: Evolution and Reinvention

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Lolita” is a well known subculture fashion style coming from Japan. It might not be as popular as it was a few years ago overseas as we don’t see a lot of Lolita girls unless there are events bringing them together. Even as some people have grown out of this style, there are still quite a few people that are very passionate for Lolita fashion as the gorgeous dresses, shoes, and accessories have the power to make just about anyone feel fabulous!

There are several Lolita fashion communities overseas, but we would like to focus on France at this time. French people are known for being really interested in Japanese pop culture; France is the second biggest market for manga, and there are a lot of conventions about Japanese pop culture across the country such as Japan Expo Paris.


Lolita has always been popular in France amongst people interested in Japanese fashion. Even people who don’t wear those clothes must have heard of Lolita fashion.

French girls became familiar with Lolita fashion through the influence of anime and music, and they’ve started appearing in Lolita fashion at Japanese pop culture conventions since the early 2000s. So now every time there’s a convention, you’ll be sure to see some groups of girls dressed in Lolita fashion!


Although it looks really beautiful, people in France tend to look down upon those who stand apart from the crowd; if you wear Lolita fashion while walking down the street, you will get stared at and receive many comments from strangers. Mainstream fashion in France is kind of “conservative” and people usually wear rough-looking clothing like jeans. Of course there are a lot of different fashion styles in France, however it’s not as interesting as those in London or Tokyo.


People in France are quite afraid to experiment with new things as they will immediately get negative feedback on their clothes or hairstyle. It’s hard to wear a kind of “different” style of clothes in France but, Lolita girls love the style so much and it’s not going to make them stop wearing it! Even if it’s supposed to be difficult to wear this kind of style in France they still don’t give up and don’t care. Even on their way to events, they still have to face a lot of people.


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