Harajuku Girls Drawing Fake Freckles from Jealousy!

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Harajuku Girls Drawing Fake Freckles from Jealousy!

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Do you have freckles? From my experience, many people who have freckles don’t like the fact that they have them. Most girls even try to hide it with concealer when doing their makeup.

But here’s the great news! Among Harajuku fashion, drawing freckles in their makeup is secretly becoming popular.

As we have talked many times about the “bare face makeup” that is very popular among any genre girl. In this makeup, you have very blushed cheeks right underneath their eyes. We Japanese also have a certain jealously towards western people with white skin, and other characteristics that we asian people don’t have.

DNA wise, we can never become the redhead with freckles and white skin.

So we come down to become as close as possible to this image.


It looks a bit similar to the “bare face makeup” right?



How to make fake freckles

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