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    PASSPO☆ is the idol group I like the most.

    Recently, in one hand, they made a second major debut with Crown Record, and may 27th, they sang “7’s Up” their new single’s “Bachelorette ha owaranai” coupling song and it is a Kami Kyoku for sure !!

    On the other hand, BAND PASSPO☆ makes it’s first One Man Live (may 30th) and another live has been scheduled for next december … can’t wait to take part of it !!

    Do you know / like PASSPO☆ ?



    PASSPO☆ is my favorite idol group ! Actually, I discovered the fantastic idol world thanks to them, almost three years ago. I love everything they do, and I hope they will do great things with Crown Record. “Mr. Wednesday” was a great new debut, it can only get better.



    Hello Papou,
    Nice to meet you ^^,  my name is Adrien (Adorian in japanese ^^).
    I am a french blue passenger. Like you PASSPO is my favourit idol group.
    I really like their songs !

    Where do you live ? Did you already see a flight in Japan or maybe in your own country ?
    What is your favourite song / member ?

    Matane !

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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