Foreigners in the Workplace: How to Find Work in Tokyo!

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Foreigners in the Workplace: How to Find Work in Tokyo!

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Welcome to Tokyo where the city is full of many job opportunities for working holiday makers! A job is immediate for you to have in order to travel and explore the country more and there are so many options for you to decide upon. So here are five jobs recommended for you to do on a working holiday!


If you really like kids, there are a few families looking for a friendly, appropriate and well-suited person to look after their child. A lot of parents want their kids to have English speaking babysitters who frequently speak and play games and sing to their children. There are also temporary nanny jobs with requirements to keep their child safe, entertained and reliable. Unfortuantely, this job is mainly female only.

Which company? Little Hug Babysitters | Poppins Nanny Service


There are several agencies that offer positions for you to be a model. Tokyo has a range of opportunites from small commericals to catwalks to offer and many are open to foreigners to sign up to. Who knows? You could be on the next billboards around not just Tokyo, but all over Japan!

Which companies? Acqua Models | NES Model Agency | YOSHIE INC.

Tour Guide

You don’t have to be Japanese in order to show people around Tokyo! Some people would like to be taken around Tokyo from a foreigner’s perspective! Even if it’s a small role of taking someone around the Imperial Palace or a bus full of tourists to Odaiba, it is possible!

Which companies? HATOBUS | Japan Paranomic Tours


Although not as commonly as you can find, there are a few companies that are looking for people especially if you have a background in writing or blogging to do part-time writing. You’ll be lucky to find full-time! There is so much you can find and write about in order to tell the world about the wonders of Tokyo and the rest of Japan.

Which companies? FastJapan | GPlusMedia


Working at a cafe or restaurant can be tough but it can also have some good benefits. Firstly, you can improve your Japanese severely as you’ll learn new words and phrases while interacting with customers. A fast-paced environment will also tough to handle but once you get the system down, it will be enjoyable!

Which companies? Cafe Company Inc. | Myanmars

Looking for some other jobs to do while you’re in Japan?
Here are a few sites that you can search from and find what you are looking for: Baitoru | Craigslist | careercross | Gaijinpot | Jobsinjapan |

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