Lovely Swimsuits for Skinny & Flat Girls!  Enjoy Your Summer with feast’s New Swimsuits
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feast will release swimsuits for 2016 summer with two designs, “twinkle angel swimwear” which is bikini type and “petite swan swimwear” which is one-piece type. Both types will be released in two colors.


feast by GOMI HAYAKAWA is known for targeting the females with smaller breast sizes, AAA to A cup. Since it is very difficult to find cute and pretty lingerie for females who have smaller breasts, GOMI HAYAKAWA’s designs have become a savior, who we were waiting for a long time.

The concept of feast 2016’s swimsuits is “swimsuits not just for girls with smaller breasts, but also skinny girls”. Skinny girls have their own complex such as “I don’t want to show my belly as it looks scrawny…”. They will be on sale online from July 16th to 19th. Pre-order is also available until that period.


We hope this the feast’s swimsuits will make a lot of girls with complexes be able to enjoy summer!

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