It’s Getting Chilly Out There! Top 5 Winter Moe Fashion Crucial For Cuteness!

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It’s Getting Chilly Out There! Top 5 Winter Moe Fashion Crucial For Cuteness!

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It’s started to get chilly and of course, all girls have been changing their outfits from summer clothing to fall and winter clothing. A cute girl may look cute all year round, but there are seasonal bonus cute points from fashion that creates “moe” . Here are the top 5!

1. Turtleneck sweater



I think in some countries there is an image of a turtleneck sweater as something dorky or geeky. It may be one of your ugly sweaters lying in the back of your closet. In Japan we have a fetish for turtleneck sweaters. Most sexy clothing obviously doesn’t have much fabric, but turtleneck sweaters are considered sexy even though you can barely see their skin. I think this is amazing, holy, and something we shall cherish during the cold season.

2. Hiding your mouth with your scarf


You probably saw the hiding your mouth technique in our previous article about taking selfies(previous article: this technique isn’t just for the 2 dimensional world. In the recent years, big scarves have become the most fashionable ones to use. I use a big one too and my foreigner friend thought it was a blanket since it was so big. But the fluffiness that the big scarf creates has undefeatable cuteness.

3. Mittens


These have to be mittens not gloves! It is obviously much easier to use gloves rather than mittens since you can use all five of your fingers. But that’s also the good part of the mittens, you can’t use your fingers. It gives you the impression of the girl that she can’t do anything without you ( like literally).

4. Knit hats


Knit hats are also hints you can only see in the cool season. What’s great about it is basically unexplainable. It’s just plain cute. It looks good on girls no matter how long their hair is or their hairstyle. Also, what I like best about them is the extra left over part at the top. It’s just like the cherry on top.

5. “Moe” sleeve


In Japanese we call this “Moe sode “. This is something for anything long sleeve. His usually occurs when a girl is wearing something a bit large and only the tips of her fingers are showing from the end of he sleeve. The small cute girl image we have helped make this popular since wearing something big makes the girl look smaller than she actually is. It also gives you the ” woops I borrowed my boyfriends sweater” cuteness.


Did you find your favorite fall and winter moe fashion? Which one do you like best?

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