Sexy Evangelion Coming to You! Reservations for the Collaboration Lingerie of Evangelion and PEACH JOHN Will Start!
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The series Evangelion and the lingerie brand PEACH JOHN will be collaborating!

They will be selling both lingerie and room wear and the reservation for these will start on October 5th.

These were creating based on the image of the characters and all of them are absolutely too cute and sexy!

Here is the lineup!


These 5 types are based on the image of the characters “Ikari Shinji”,”Ayanami Rei”,”Shikinami Aska Langely”,”Nagisa Kaworu”,”Makiba Mari Illustrious”.

On the back of the panties, they each have the aircraft number they used and also has the logo “EVA” on it.


These are called “Longinus Spear Bra Set”. As the name says it, it has the Longinus Spear design on it and it also has a charm on it that was created with the image of the 6th apostle.


These are non-wire bra sets. They are created with the image of “AT Field”and “Apostles”.

This “Doll set” was created with the image of the uniforms of Evangelion.

This “Lacy dress” was created with the image of “Ayanami Rei” and “Shikinami Aska Langley”.

The popular character Penpen even became a part of this project. This is the “Penpen all in one roomwear”. It even comes with room shoes!

Did you find any that you would like to buy? Go check them out yourself , and you better reserve them because they’ll probably be sold out in a second!

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