10 Must Buy Beauty Products at Japanese Drug Stores!

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10 Must Buy Beauty Products at Japanese Drug Stores!

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In recent years, Japanese beauty products and drug store items have become very popular all over the world! Many travelers come to Japan and buy a ton of products to take back home. In Japan, we have very high standards in quality and reliability which seems to have created the popularity. Here are 10 popular items bought in Japanese drug stores!


1. LuLuLun Face Masks

These LuLuLun face masks became a big hit for daily use. There are mainly 3 types,pink(balance type), blue(high moisture), white(whitening and refresh). They also have limited local LuLuLun face masks all over Japan, so this may be one way to enjoy your vacation in Japan too.
This cream mask is a special version, which is the cream version of the mask ingredients.

2. Nihonshu Skin Toner

This skin toner is famous to be very cheep, and also very good. The Nihonshu Skin Toner, as you can tell from the name, has Nihonshu(Sake) mixed in it. It also smells like Sake, so for those who like drinking Sake, might enjoy it! It also does great as a moisturizer, and you can use it for your whole body.


CANMAKE is the most famous low price cosmetic brand in Japan! But, whats great about it is how good they are even though they are very cheep. They have released tons of popular cosmetics, and many people become repeaters. The especially longsellers are their cream cheeks, eyeshadow base, and mascara base coat. Along with the recent trends, their lip tints went sold out everywhere!


4. FLOWFUSHI eyelash serum

This eyelash serum was a big hit since most users felt the effect just after around a week of use! When putting the serum on, you also massage your eyes (procedures are attatched). The Mascara of the FLOW-FUSHI series were also a big hit and there are many repeaters.

5. Lycee Eye Drops

Lycee eye drops have been a very long seller. The case is pink which a rarely cute design for eye drops. It reliefs you from eye strainage, and they have a contact type too. Its also slightly rose scented!

6. suisai Enzyme Face Wash Powder

This is one of the recent hits of drug store beauty products. suisai enzyme face wash powder is white powder, all in small packages. One box has 32 (trial box set has 15) which is just enough to use for around 2 to 3 months. It washes away anything clogging your pores, making your skin smoother than ever!

7. DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

This cleansing oil has recieved many awards. It uses olive extract, and it doesn’t have the uncomfortable after feel of oil. It keeps the moisture of the skin and clean the pores at the same time. You also don’t have to rub very hard to take your make up off.

8. AHA Pealing Soap

This soap is a low-stimulus cosmetic, which you can use all over your body. Wash away all your dead skin and have a shiny clean body!

9. Biore UV Aqua Touch

This sun screen is the best. I personally hate the sticky feel after you put sun screen on. But this sun screen doesn’t feel like you put sun screan on. It feels like water when you put it on and even after putting it on. Because of this light touch, it feels like it wouldn’t block any sun, but it does a perfect job for us Japanese people who hate getting tanned!

10. Heroine Make Waterproof Long Mascara

This Mascara has always been popular. It neatly makes each of your eyelashes longer without making any clumps. You’ll have your curlled cute eyelashed kept all day long!

Did you find any items that you want? These items also could be a good souvenir for your friends back home! Enjoy shopping!

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