Everyday Lolita Fashion! 5 Casual Brands with Affordable Prices in Japan

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Everyday Lolita Fashion!  5 Casual Brands with Affordable Prices in Japan

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Tons of frills, the cute form like a doll, I think any girl who likes cute things have once wanted to try on Lolita fashion. This feeling, goes across borders. But, buying 1 Lolita dress costs a lot more than regular clothing, it stands out too much for casual wear. So I’m guessing there are many girls who want to wear them, but never had the chance to wear them.

However, there are girly fashion brands that can make those girls’ dreams come true! Today I will introduce brands that have clothes with tons of Kawaii aspects in a more casual style at an affordable price, making it easier for us to try out Lolita clothing.

You can find these shops all over Japan in malls and department stores, so you can look online to find the shop nearest to your house!

1. Amavel


The concept of this shop is to make a girls’ dream of “becoming like a doll” come true. The dresses and jumper skirts they have are perfect for the casual lolita fashion.


Website :


2. axes femme


This brand creates the world of the middle ages of Europe, having clothes that makes you remember the dresses worn by the noble woman in those ages. Many are darker colored, creating a more adult mood compared to the other Lolita fashion brands.

casual-lolita-fashion-15 casual-lolita-fashion-04

Website :


3. Ank Rouge


Their key concepts are “romantic” and “sweet casual”. They use pale pink, white, black and many cute colors in a fairy tale creating a very girly look.

casual-lolita-fashion-02 casual-lolita-fashion-01

Website :




In their fantasy world, the concept is Paris, with a Retro taste. Its the most popular girly brand. It has also collaborated before with My Melody from Sanrio. If you want to easily take in Lolita fashion, first try out LIZ LISA!

casual-lolita-fashion-11 casual-lolita-fashion-12

Website :


5. fi.n.t


This brand has a 60s classical style, mixing the trend an vintage design creating a girly style. You can always find “the one” at this store. Its also known as a brand that you can wear even when you get older!

casual-lolita-fashion-03 casual-lolita-fashion-08

Website :


Cute and cheep girly brands always there for you! I hope you can find your favorite store and start enjoying the feeling of Lolita fashion!

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