Never Study? Fun Campus Life of Japanese Students!

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Never Study? Fun Campus Life of Japanese Students!

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University is a place for you to pursue your interests in academic fields. I think most of you will agree to this statement, but in Japan, some think of it differently. They think that university is the last chance for them to pursue joy with a lot of free time because after graduating from university, most of them will work for about 40 years continuously. Then how are they enjoying their time? Let’s take a peek at the fun campus life of Japanese university students!


As main purpose of going to university is to study, Japanese students also take classes just like any other college students. However, sometimes it’s not necessary to attend the class. For some classes, attendance is not included in their grade. The score of the exams might be the only source to grade. Then, students don’t really go to class. Instead, they ask their seniors for the past exam questions and only attend the exam. Even if the attendance is required, they can take turns with friends and answer the roll calls for each other since the classroom is usually too big for professors to notice that they are covering each other’s attendance.


Coming from “Arbeit”, a German word which means work, Japanese call part time job “Arubaito”. It’s very common for students to do arubaito when they are in university. Students who did not do arubaito throughout the whole 4 years at university accounts only for 7.8 %, which means almost every student experience doing arubaito while they go to school. The most popular arubaito is waiter/waitress at restaurants and cafes. They can make money as well as friends from other university at these work places. Next one is the staff at concerts and events. It’s always exciting to go to these events even if you are there as a staff. There are so many options for students to choose what they want to do for arubaito.


I am not talking about the round figure because circle means club activity in Japan. In a big university, there are countless circles including 600 official ones, and among them, tennis circles are the most popular ones. Students choose tennis circle not simply because they want to play tennis but to make many friends by hanging out. Whether you are experienced or not, tennis is not too hard to play and teach. The seniors can teach the new comers how to play, and through that process, they get closer. In addition to that, the members take part in many events such as a short trip and become great friends. Also, every circle has “nomikai” which is held pretty frequently. This allow students to enjoy their circle life as much as they want.


“Nomikai” is a drinking party. What’s different from other countries is that it’s not very common to go to club and drink. Usually, they go to “izakaya”, Japanese bar, and make a lot of mess. Students sing “call” and make each other drink. If they miss their last train, they could either go to their friend’s house and continue drinking or go to karaoke and sing until morning.

University students in Japan play hard and (maybe) study hard to enjoy the every second of freedom left until they work for the society. What do you think compared to the universities in your country?

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