10 Kawaii Gestures That Will Put All Eyes On You!

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10 Kawaii Gestures That Will Put All Eyes On You!

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Burikko is a major category of a type of girl in Japan (related article: its so major, we have images of typical gestures that burikko do. Here are the top 10 most common gestures!

1. Puffing your Cheeks when You’re Angry


This is one of the burikko gestures that will just want to make you say “Oh, please”. No body does this when they are really angry, but burikko pretend to be angry in order to do this gesture. They also say “pun pun” which is like a onomatopoeia we use when we are angry in Japan (but only in anime and other 2D creations).

2. Uchimata


*This is the image of Uchimata legs*

This is an image of Uchimata. It is a Japanese word for the way legs are when they are standing or walking. The knees are toward the inside, and many burikko walk Uchimata. I think you can also find this gesture in anime creations.

3. Ahiruguchi (Duck Mouth)


This is a rather recent burikko gesture. This happens in many scenes from selfies(related article:, to just having a conversation. It simply makes them look cuter. It also makes her look like she’s about to kiss you.

4. Small Sneeze

Many burikko also tend to have the smallest sneezes in the world. You can barely hear them sneeze (very rare if you can hear one!) and when they sneeze, they say “kuchun”. I think this is physically impossible, but burikko just goes out of our expectations.

5. Looking In The Others Eyes When Talking


This comes from the fact that many Japanese people are shy, and although it is manners to look at the other while talking, many people tend to not do this because they feel a bit shy to do so. However many burikko never hesitate to look at the eye and appeal their cuteness.

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