She’s a Cat and He’s a Dog. Japan is Like a Zoo with Character Types of Animals!

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She’s a Cat and He’s a Dog. Japan is Like a Zoo with Character Types of Animals!

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In Japan, we tend to use metaphors like “you’re like a dog/cat” to describe people. This comes from the image that dogs are friendly and show their love towards their owner very openly. On the other hand, cats take a bit more time to get close, and they show cool attitudes toward you even though they like you, also called as “Tsun-dere” in Japan.

These “animal types” have grown in variety after this picture buzzed on Twitter.



Various Animal Type Girls…

Dog type


-suddenly feels a tremendous amount of love and hugs them
-says everything they think
-smells their boyfriend until they get tired of it
-puts their head to the side a little bit no matter what

Cat Type


-defenseless when sleeping
-unintentionally feels jealousy
-doesn’t know how to fawn on others
-sticks to someone to show they are hungry


Rabbit type


-can’t stand being alone
-loves being patted on the head
-very sensitive to loud sounds
-becomes really happy when someone cared about them
-always in the mating season


Mole type


-Hikikomori( always at home)
-not very good at communicating with others
-doesn’t really understand why she was able to have a boyfriend
-doesn’t like crowded places
-very shy

Bird type


-sensitive to cold
-dosen’t eat much
-forgets anything in a few seconds
-follows you around everywhere


Penguin type

animal type-girls-boys-22

-calm when deciding things
-looks back over her actions
-likes chilling
-unexpectedly daring


Sheep type

animal type-girls-boys-24

-sleeps a lot
-gets scared very easily
-often spaces out
-fawns on her boyfriend a lot


Gorilla type


-keeps calm no matter what happens
-tends to be in tandems
-breaks your arm when you try to pat her head
-throws poo


Various Types of Boys

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