Ready for 2016? TGU Fashion Editor’s 5 Pick-up Articles To Review 2015 And Predicting The Next Trend!

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Ready for 2016? TGU Fashion Editor’s 5 Pick-up Articles To Review 2015 And Predicting The Next Trend!

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2015 is almost over and we have gone through a lot of fashion news at TGU. I have chosen the five pick up articles from this year which I found strikingly interesting and surprising, but also seeing some future potential in these trends in the near future as well.

1. New Smart Shoes, “Orphe” Makes Your Dancing and Walking More Exciting! by Satsuki (May, 2015)


This is could be the new fashion experience for all of us! “Orphe Smart Shoes” were made possible by a collaboration of “no new folk studio inc.” and young robotic creator and engineer Kyun_kun.


Kyunkun / 2014.11 THE 2ND PROCESS TO UNION

The shoes are very simply designed and available in black and white, which can be coordinated easily for both men and women for a casual look. Not limited to artistic performances, Orphe Shoes provides us to have digital interaction in our daily lives as well. So you don’t have to be a dancer or performance expert to wear these shoes, it’s more of a challenge for us to include this fashion technology into our daily style. This is one of the core philosophies for Kyun_kun’s innovative creation, and the Orphe Shoes project is one of the first steps in spreading futuristic fashion. The crowdfunding campaign for “Orphe Smart Shoes” ended in May 2015,  raising over $90,000, more than 3 times the original goal of $30,000! Currently, the team is working to begin mass productions and looking for dancers and performers to promote “Orphe Smart Shoes”.
(See also TGU’s exclusive interview with one of “Orphe Smart Shoes” engineer and creator, Kyun_kun!: )


2. Cellphones as Fashion? Find Out the Magic Behind How Cellphones Turned Into Fashion Accessories! by Chika Kobayashi (September, 2015)


For many female teenagers, cellphones are a must-have item in their everyday life. For young Japanese women, it is not only for communication, but it is important for them to show off their individuality through decorating their own phones. This exclusive article by Chika Kobayashi, made possible by interviewing the members of Maison book girl, young models and female photographers about the type of phone cases they use, shows the diversity of styles and individuality in Japan. Not just cute and girly designs, but there are also self-customized ones to express their own private life. After reading this article, I am looking forward to see what kind of smartphone cases that there will be in the near future.


3. Halloween Street Party in Shibuya Rocks! Experience the Creative Cosplay Show Once A Year by Ayaya (November, 2015)


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