10 Truths You Don’t Want to Know About All Girls’ Schools in Japan!

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10 Truths You Don’t Want to Know About All Girls’ Schools in Japan!

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Among many people, we have a very “mystical” image about an all girls school. It is even called the “secret garden” among many Japanese people. Lets take Nogizaka46 as an example.


They are said to be produced with a theme of an all girls school, and their costumes are made to look like the uniforms of all girls schools. However, since we have such a holy image of this kind of school, there seems to be gaps between what we hope is happening and what’s actually happening inside the school full of girls.

1.PE class becomes hell


You may have the image that girls aren’t very good at sports(maybe this is a bit too bias) and maybe you would imagine PE class to be some kind of fun fluffy time.The reality is totally different. They are dead serious, especially when it comes to the annual sports festival. It becomes a war!

2.Flapping skirts to cool down


In the summer people have many ways to cool down from the heat. School uniforms for girls are skirts and you might think that skirts alone seem cool enough. But, the girls are different. Since there isn’t anybody to worry about to see them, they literally don’t care what they do. Even if it doesn’t seem like the best behavior for a girl. The common situation in the immediate at a girl school is girls flapping their skirts to cool down. These rough actions don’t exactly match with the holy image of an all girls school.

3.It doesn’t have to be a guy

The image of lesbian couples turned out to be slightly true. In most all girls schools, there is a girl that is very boyish and she becomes very popular among the rest of the girls. Although they may not go out, the boyish girl gets chocolates on Valentine’s Day, and sometimes even confessed by other girls. Some have fan clubs and they are treated as if they were actually the hottest man on earth.

4.Small lunch boxes don’t exist


We have an image in Japan that girls don’t eat much. But this is obviously a stereotype. Of course some girls eat a lot, some just don’t. Those who don’t eat much simply just can’t fit it in their stomachs. Because there aren’t any boys, they don’t have to worry about keeping any kind of cute image. There are even girls that do “Hayaben” which means to eat your lunch earlier than the actual lunch time at school.  We have an image that only boys who belong to sports clubs would do this.

5.All men become popular

…Hungry for love, talking dirty jokes, and hanging socks in classrooms? What's going on?

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