“Is it Bad to Just be Cute?!?” Yumemiru Adolescence Autumn 2015 Tour Final in Tokyo!

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“Is it Bad to Just be Cute?!?” Yumemiru Adolescence Autumn 2015 Tour Final in Tokyo!

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Yumemiru Adolescence gathered up their Yumetomo (fans) in the shadow of Tokyo Tower for the finale of their #Yume-tomo Mai Tour 2015 Aki autumn tour at Mielparque tokyo on November 15th!


Exchanging their usual overture for Hotei Tomoyasu’s “Battle Without Honor Or Humanity” (made famous from Kill Bill), Yumemiru Adolescence took the stage. Switching from one distinctive guitar sound to another, the live began with their major label debut song “Bye Bye My Days”. The fast start accelerated with the frantic “Stealth Bukai 25:00”, the members calling out to the audience to yell along with them.

Leader Karin Ogino exclaimed, “Let’s dance together today!”, and Yumemiru Adolescence got the live going again with “Mawaru Sekai”, their fingers swirling through the thick warm air inside the hall as the Yumetomo clapped and called out loudly to the music. The pace slowed down with the ballad “Himitsu”, members solemnly taking their positions on the steps to sing their lines. Assembling on the middle step, they joined their voices in a 5-part harmony.

The bass line of “DATE COUNT FIVE” pulsed from the speakers and Yumemiru Adolescence played up their cuteness, tilting their heads coyly and wagging their fists like cats’ paws. Karin was hugged by Akari Yamada at the end of the song but pried herself away to escape the heat they had been generating under the hot stage lights.

Next was a medley of the solo songs which had their individual MVs released in the weeks prior to the live. Boasting about how each song highlighted their individual personalities, Karin and Akari argued about who’s one was better, Akari claiming that because hers was last (last in the context of a performance is often referred to as “tori”, which also means bird and a reference to her catchphrase “piyo piyo”), the answer was obvious. Up first was Kyoka (“Shark Girl ’99”) who wore a shark hat that she took off and used as a hand puppet before kissing it and throwing it to a lucky fan in the audience. The penlights switched from blue to orange as Rei Kobayashi channelled her inner rock goddess, strutting across the stage and striking dramatic poses as she cooly sang “OVERFLOW”. Yuumi calmly belted out her ballad “Butterfly Effect” as the Yumetomo waved their yellow penlights to the steady rhythm. Karin delivered a sugary sweet rendition of “Tokyo・Delicious・Rendezvous”, causing hearts to skip a beat as she yelled out “Suki!”. Last but not least was Akari’s rapid-fire dempa-kei “Piyo Piyo Aka-Chamu Sando” which re-energized the audience with its frenzied sounds and lyrics.


After a short break which featured an appearance of Hideki Saijo impersonator Hideki Vermont and a cast of backup dancers performing Saijo’s “Young Man” (Japanese language version of the Village People’s “YMCA”), Yumemiru Adolescence returned in white dresses to unveil a new song “Chiisa na Story”, which can be heard on the drama “Minami-kun no Koibito〜my little lover”. They explained that they made an appearance in the drama and that “Candy-chan” could also be heard in it. Next was the announcement of the results of fan voting on Yumemiru Adolescence’s new catchphrase (“catch copy”) which included: “Idol nano ni kawaii” (Even though we’re idols, we’re cute), “kawaii dake ja dame nandesuka?” (Is there something wrong with just being cute?), and “kao wa Budokan-kyuu” (face is Budokan class). In the end, their new motto ended up becoming “kawaii dake ja dame nandesuka?”, which caused them to start chanting “kawaii” along with the Yumetomo while they did some cute poses.

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