Get “afraid” of Aya Uchida’s New MV “afraid…” from Her Concept Album “Bitter Kiss”!!

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Get “afraid” of Aya Uchida’s New MV “afraid…” from Her Concept Album “Bitter Kiss”!!

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Uchida Aya, a voice actress and singer, revealed the MV “afraid…” of one of her concept album “Bitter Kiss” (February 10th). It is an album with a theme of bitter and rock. Along with this, she will be releasing a different concept album called “Sweet Tears” with a theme of sweet and electrical. Check out the MV release article of “Floating Heart”, the leading song of “Sweet Tears” from here!

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The music video, from the concept of the album, creates a world of Gothic and rock. She sings in her sexy voice different from the voice of “Floating Heart” which is a strong attractiveness of a voice actress. Also, the fashion is a Gothic style that imagines her living in a castle, which might be a cage-like.


This is her first music video with a theme of dark and rock compared to her music videos so far. Ucchi, Aya’s nickname, has showed us sweetness from her visual and songs strongly, but this album and the music video might take us to the another world that Ucchi can create.


Bitter Kiss / Aya Uchida

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