will be held on August 5th ~ 7th, 2016!!!

at Odaiba & Aomi area


Tokyo Idol Festival is the world’s biggest idol festival where idol fans from across the globe come together. In fact, last year’s festival featured 154 idol groups on stage with over 51,000 fans in attendance. Now in its seventh year, the festival returns again with an even bigger scale and more powerful line-up under the concept “TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL, Open the New Chapter!”.

1. TIF will be three days event from two days!

TIF adds one day more than the past years, so participating idols will be more various! The three days will be have an each theme.

2. More Experience Reserved for All

★Stage Performance
The enrichment of performances goes without saying, but we will additionally hold talk shows and a variety of other shows.
We will undoubtedly develop numerous idol collaborations that are unique to our events this year as well, and we will also hold competitive performances of local idols that are gaining ever-increasing popularity, as well as actively scout new groups.

★Venue Hospitality
We will create an environment so that guests can enjoy our events with comfort, such as further enrich the sales of idol goods and handshake events, set up resting spaces as a countermeasure for the extreme heat, set up more space designated for food.

★Global Expansion
Aiming to expand hospitality towards guests from foreign countries, we will newly set up information desks for foreigners.
We will provide convenience that will live up to the name of “the world’s largest idol event” by setting up a special English website as well as releasing an English timetable and venue map for smartphones.
Also, starting with free invitation to 900 foreigners and invitation for observation by affiliated groups, we are planning to develop a project so that people can “see” and “understand” the transmission of idol as a new “cool Japan content” that is unique to Japan at TIF2016.

Stay tuned to further update!