TEMPURA KIDZ And Angry Birds! Unexpected Collaboration With Pop And Comical Song and Dance

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TEMPURA KIDZ And Angry Birds! Unexpected Collaboration With Pop And Comical Song and Dance

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TEMPURA KIDZ collaborates with Angry Birds, world-wide popular gaming smartphone app that has counted 25 billion download hits, as promotion for the new Angry Birds game being released on May 7th, 2015, titled “Angry Birds Fight!”  TEMPURA KIDZ just released the music video of  their new single, “Suki Suki! TEMPURA KIDZ” dressing up as the characters from the Angry Birds.

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In the new music video, the members are performing in sharp and morphing dance moves as they are known for, but also dressed up like characters from the game; with comical and pop costumes and make-ups especially for this collaboration. With their highly-rated dance moves and the Angry Bird collaboration, this could be the opening gate for TEMPURA KIDZ to be known much more to oversea audiences.

The new single, “Suki Suki! TEMPURA KIDZ” will be also available online from May 7th, 2015, the same date with the “Angry Birds Fight!” App being released.

Angry Birds has been popular all over the world and collaborating with STAR WARS, Transformers, NBA and even with Prince William from British Royal Family. And appointing TEMPURA KIDZ for collaboration with Angry Birds is the first time for Japanese artist, and it is currently paid attention to from many countries.

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