The Next Generation Idol Group that is Cultivated with Everyone from Around the World, “notall” Debuts!

The Next Generation Idol Group that is Cultivated with Everyone from Around the World, “notall” Debuts!

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The internet broadcasting station WALLOP is about to debut a brand new genre of idols, completely different than the Japanese idols of before. While the normal method has been for a record company or talent agency to decide on a group name beforehand and plan out their debut, these idols will crowdsource their group name through social networking services, and officially name themselves after selecting the most idol appropriate group name from among the candidates, thus establishing themselves as a next generation idol group whose development will take place together with everyone around the world.

And on Jun 28 and 29, at Yoyogi Park in Shibuya-ku in Tokyo, in a 2 day outdoor event that will draw an audience of 20,000 people, “The 3rd World Gorumet and Music Festa in Yoyogi Park 2014,” they will make their live on-stage debut on the 29th. This will be a swift debut, taking place 1 month after their formation.

These idols will not only crowdsource their group name, but it’s also been confirmed that individual members will solicit their nicknames from the public as well. There are also plans to solicit “logo designs,” “CD jacket designs,” “Remix versions of their debut song,” and “CD album songs” in the future.

The group was named “notall (read: notaru)” and formed by 4 girls : Narumi Katase, Chiko Watanabe, Reina Tasaki, Haruka Sato.

There are plans to fully incorporate digital promotion strategies, such as plans to incentivize the smartphone purchasing of songs through NFC from outlets such as iTunes, and plans for merchandise sales, at the debut event venue. Furthermore, their promotional music video was filmed using only the iPhone5S & iPad Air. Check out their debut song “Koi no Sumasokura” below!

Entire promotion video shot and edited with iPhone5s &iPad Air. 
Japan’s digital creative solution company, Hakuhodo i-studio cooperated in the production of the promotion video.
Check it out!

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