A Timid Summer Love Story in Silent Siren’s MV for “Hachi-gatsu no Yoru”!

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A Timid Summer Love Story in Silent Siren’s MV for “Hachi-gatsu no Yoru”!

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Silent Siren has revealed the MV for their 10th single “Hachi-gatsu no Yoru” (release date: July 29)!

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The MV features Silent Siren playing in a field (or maybe it’s a river bank or the top of a hill overlooking the city?) at night, looking cute and cool as always. The story revolves around a shy college student who pursues an even more awkward classmate. Since there are no winter scenes shown, it seems that it took them all summer to even just hold hands, even after spending so much time together! Isn’t it convenient that they both had 2 friends each so no one was left out? There’s no sign that their friends ended up in similar situations though. Since the guy took so long to make his move, maybe this is a prequel to “Happy Marry” in a sense?

“Hachi-gatsu no Yoru” comes one month after “Happy Marry” that went on sale June 10th and will be sold in limited editions Type A and Type B as well as a regular version. Type A comes with a DVD and Type B comes with a special booklet. The coupling song for all versions is “Secret Base ~Kimi ga Kureta Mono~”, a cover of the famous song by the defunct legendary girls’ band ZONE. It is also the ending theme song for the live-action drama adaptation of “Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai” (aka Anohana) which is set to air this summer.

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Hachigatsu no Yoru / Silent Siren

Silent Siren Live Tour 2015 Spring Summer ~Siren VS Silent~

July 2 (Thursday) Fukuoka Convention Center (Fukuoka)
July 10 (Friday) Shibuya Public Hall (Tokyo)
July 11 (Saturday) Shibuya Public Hall (Tokyo)
July 17 (Friday) TBA (Taiwan)
July 19 (Sunday) TBA (Hong Kong)

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Anohana drama site:

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