Wearing Japanese Sailor School Swimsuits To The Beach Can Make You More Kawaii

Wearing Japanese Sailor School Swimsuits To The Beach Can Make You More Kawaii

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Sailor school uniform is one of the iconic cultural symbols for Japanese schoolgirls. If you ever walk around Japan, it’s hard to not pass by without noticing them. Despite the clothes being for school use, it has been popularly growing as a fetish item these days, specifically known as kawaii (cute) in many people’s eyes.

Recently, the kawaii Japanese schoolgirl uniform has moved into a new era. The creators of MOIRA DESIGN combined traditional school swimsuits and regular schoolgirl uniforms as one piece. It comes in two colors, with extra collars and sleeves.


The light red scarf is removable.


The back has a 23 cm extendable zipper, convenient for someone who has a large hip.


For accessories, there are also two light bars you can attach to your leg, just in case you are an extreme diver.


S size: height 150cm, bust 72cm, waist 58cm, hip 82cm.
M size: height 158cm, bust 78cm, waist 64cm, hip 87cm.
XL size: height 165cm, bust 94cm, waist 80cm, hip 103cm.

If you would like to show some KAWAII and fun energy at the beach, feel free to check out the ordering details of Sailor schoolgirl swimsuit here. As a small note from the website, if you pick the classic white, it is better to wear an underwear underneath to avoid transparency.


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