Comment Video & Interview with Rio Hiiragi from Japan Expo 2015 in Paris!

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Comment Video & Interview with Rio Hiiragi from Japan Expo 2015 in Paris!

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This is Tokyo Girl’s Update’s comment video from Rio Hiiragi at JAPAN EXPO 2015 in Paris!

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It is the second time for her to perform at JAPAN EXPO in Paris and the third time at France. There gathered many fans who waited her to come back to France in a year. The live performance with enthusiastic fans got involved with even those who did not know her! 

Read the photo report of JAPAN EXPO 2015 :

-How many times do you come to JAPAN EXPO?

Rio : This is the second time.

-I see. I thought that you have been JAPAN EXPO more than twice because you often have been overseas.

Rio : Yes. I came to France at the first time at the event called “Tokyo Crazy Kawaii” and this is my third time in France. French fans came to comment on the movie streaming site like SHOWROOM and YouTube and also the number of the fans who wait me at the airport has been increasing. Those things make me very very happy.

-Great. You have more chances to go abroad than before, and you will go to London, Tokyo, and Macao. Is there any impression that people in a certain countries are enthusiastic, kind, or something like that?

Rio : The people in Taiwan were super enthusiastic I think!  Although there were many French people who did not know me, they were very kind in that they listened to my poor English and French, and came to see my performances.

-The thing that I surprised is that you made people enthusiastic in MC and told what you wanted to say in English. Do you study English constantly?

Rio : Though it is not such a practice, I check the words out by using translation sites, but French says the words sound strange and correct them. I tried to practice French by myself but the pronunciation is very difficult. So, I asked French fans who could speak Japanese well to teach me how to say certain words during the performance.

-By the way, is there anything that is delicious or anywhere that you had fun in France?

Rio : I went to many places to take videos , so I have been to many famous places. Couscous is delicious, maybe it’s African food right?  I had it at the fast-food shop near the hotel.

-Let’s move on to your activities in Japan. You have made major debute, and had the one-man live at Zepp DiverCity. So, Rio Hiiragi’s popularity is going to explode as you climb stairs. Please tell me the next aim or something you think as a next step?

Rio : Now is the time I have to work hard, because I have come here only by luck. I guess that what I am good at is luck, so I want work hard on singing with dancing, and talking. With getting more ability, I would like to appear on media more and more. I want to be able to work in multi environment.

-Seeing your performance, I realized that you have the great talent that involves people around you. Compared to other idols, it is very Rio Hiiragi who makes people involve in lives performance and people also want to join the performance. By the way, it is going to be a little bit big topic. The current goal may be that you practice to sing a song and so on, but in future what do you want to be?  Is there anyone you want to be after 5 or 10 years?


Rio : I would like to do work with my voice.I really love anime, so I would like to be a voice actor and also sing an anime song like Nana Mizuki, Yukari Tamura, LiSA, and May’n. I want to be the representative of Akihabara culture with singing anime songs.

-In summer, you will appear on TIF (Tokyo Idol Festival), won’t you? Is this your first time in TIF?

Rio : As a solo artist, it is first time. I want to have an incredible impact on people at TIF.

-Could you please give the message to the people all over the world?

Rio : There are many people who have not seen me yet and who live in the country I have never been to, so I am going to see them with getting more talents in the future. I promise that I will come to see you, so for now please see my medias and look forward to seeing me there. Rio Hiiragi will deliver happiness to you! Please wait for me!

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Video by Jonathan Fortuné
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