Q’ulle Explode into the Big Leagues With the MV for “DON’T STOP”

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Q’ulle Explode into the Big Leagues With the MV for “DON’T STOP”

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Q’ulle start off 2017 with a bang in the MV for their major label debut single on avex “DON’T STOP” (release date: April 5)!

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Packed full of the energetic and aggressive dance rock that has made them one of the fastest rising groups since their appearance in 2014 after the disbandment of Danceroid. There is a scene with the members sitting with laptops, giving the hint that the song might be part of a commercial tie-in but, Manako puts any doubts of that to rest as she flicks a lighter towards them, causing a massive explosion to close out the MV.

“DON’T STOP” will be released in a CD/DVD/VR viewer limited edition, CD/DVD limited edition and a regular CD version. The VR viewer version also includes DVD with the MV for “DON’T STOP” and a dance video for “SHOUT IT OUT”, the coupling track for the single. The CD/DVD versions includes the MV and making of clip for “DON’T STOP” and instrumentals for both songs. Q’ulle begin their Live Tour 2017「Re:birth」on April 2nd at TSUTAYA O-EAST with 21 other dates on the schedule before they return to Tokyo for the finale at Zepp Diver City on October 22nd.

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Don't Stop / Q'ulle
Don't Stop / Q'ulle
Don't Stop / Q'ulle

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